Week 5 down !

This week I am not going to lie has been very stressful. It is no joke when you guys said this class was going to be a lot of work, while it took me awhile to get done I got it all completed in time. This week I did the three daily creates from Friday through Sunday. Friday I did the Family Tree daily create, Saturday I did the Video of a Video Game and on Sunday I did the Jewelry with food. I actually found all three of these daily creates to be fun and enjoyed doing them. For the design challenges I did 5 this week to give me a total of 14 stars but they were all fun. I did a business card, an ID card and 4 pictures 1 story all for my character Margaret. I really enjoyed doing theses assignments for her and getting use to using photoshop. The next two assignments I did were On this day and The ultimate merger, which were also fun to do once I figured out photoshop plus I did things that I enjoyed. The next thing I did was read the Vignelli article and I enjoyed reading how he did all of his designs and his input on each part of design. The designblitz that was suppose to be done this week was a lot more fun to do than I thought. It was fun putting my own thoughts into the photos that I took and reading and learning about all the different components that go into a design and photo. I really enjoyed doing all this weeks activities and learning about designs in photos and built environments. It was cool viewing design in noir effect I really enjoyed that the most that it was watching the movie The Big Lebowski was my favorite part of the week.

I can not wait to see what is in store for us the next week! I am really starting to enjoy this class and all that comes with it!

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