Week 4 Complete at least

Once again another week is complete! I did the daily creates basically last this week because I procrastinated like therewas no tomorrow. But I did the ones on Thursday and Saturday this week (cutting it close, I know). The one on Thursday was to meme a picture of a dog and Saturday was International Dot Day. (I have and issue with my daily create from Saturday because I posted it on flickr and it showed up on the tdc.ds.106.us website but then when I went back to my Flickr account to get the link my picture was no longer there…Sorry about this, I do not know what to do so I am going to just post my picture). But I really enjoyed doing the IDD daily create for the one reason that I could add basketball in it.

FullSizeRenderThe first thing I did this week was watch the video and then downloaded Audacity and try to get familiar with that. That took me a very long time to understand or learn how to use but I started getting the hang of it more and more as I worked on my Audio Assignments for this week. I started with an Assignment called So and So’s Greatest Hits which was to take a famous artist or band and find at least five of their songs and mash them together. I did mine with Chris Brown because one he is hot, two I love his music and three for the fact that he has always been one of my favorite artists. I could not upload this onto soundcloud because of Copy Right issues.

Secondly, I did an assignment called Favorite Song which was worth 1 1/2 stars and I had to take my favorite song and play at least 30 seconds of it without lyrics and people are suppose to guess what song it is. Lastly, for Audio Assignments I did the sound effects one which went toward our 8 stars and had to be about our character. I did the post on Radio Ideas which we will be completing in a few weeks in a group and honestly it took me a little bit to come up with any ideas at all for this show, but once I had time to think I came up with a few. I was really interested in this weeks reading and video comparison about Audio in film and noir. I never realized how big of a role audio really played in film and how the perfect sound or noise could make or break the scene or point trying to be displayed. Learning this material really puts a new perspective on the sound and layering of sound put into a scene at one time. Lastly, I made my radio bumper for DS106 Radio which for me was harder than I thought it would be. I was very unsure at first what to do and what sound to use as my background.

This week was very interesting and I had to come out of my comfort zone a little with doing audio recordings because I hate the way my voice sounds so I tried very hard to pick activities where I had to rarely talk. I can not wait to see what is in store for us in the upcoming week.


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