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For the 6th week of this class I started by figuring out my group and what our intended idea would be for this radio show. It was really cool trying to plan our show ideas and get the basis for this project but we got it and I am really excited about starting this show! I started by writing my post on our group and our idea which got me really excited to do the rest of the assignments this week. For the group I made a poster which went with my character in the group and I had a lot of fun creating the design. I was kinda surprised that we did not have to do any daily creates this week but then I realized most of our time would be spent on doing the group activities. I did a total of 4 audio assignments this week and they totaled to 11.5 stars but it was kinda fun this week doing new audio assignments. The four assignments I did this week were Autotune Something which was to take a sound and make it auto tuned which was surprisingly really cool and interesting to do. Then I did Make it 800% Slower which was to take a song and make it slower and still have a beautiful sound to it that no matter how long it would be you still would want to listen to it, this was difficult at first but I got it done! Next I did Reverse Audio Quiz  which was to take a song and make it backwards and then give people three hints on what the song could be, this was a lot of fun to do because I got to choose a song I enjoyed and it was somewhat relatively easy if could get my hints :) Lastly, I did Sound Scrapes which was to take sounds, mix them and make a story which was surprisingly the hardest one of them all being 4.5 stars but I think I did an okay job at it. This week we had to do another Tweet along and this week was interesting but I was not as excited or drawn in as I was the week before. I did enjoy doing it but the stories did not really get to me and I was not too into listening to them. I participated on Thursday which was the stories of Red Wine and Jack the Ripper. Lastly, this week I commented on 10 other post and I am not going to lie this was the most challenging thing this week and yet it was probably the easiest. I am so bad at commenting on other peoples’ post that I almost forgot to do it until I reread this weeks activities. The 10 post that I commented on were:











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