9 weeks later…

This week was kind of tough for me to get into the swing of things with Video. I really hate taking videos and speaking in videos. I started this week with my post on the radio show that we had done. Then I decided that I would do the first option for the video assignments and do the 8 stars for the week. I did a total of three assignments and the three I did were Lucky Me, Reverse, and Show off. I had a very fun time doing these and a lot more than I thought I would but I got to do three things that were both relating to my character and awesome to create. I listened to the radio show on Wednesday night called NOIR at Night and I really enjoyed their show, I think they had a really interesting show. I already had a category for my character set up so that was probably the easiest thing for me to do this week ;) HAHA. For the Daily creates I did the one on Thursday night and Sunday. It was an image of something cool blurred and then a video to our future self.FullSizeRender-15                I enjoyed doing both of them, like always because they are always so fun to do. I will say the hardest and most unfun thing for me to do this week was the Video Essay because I did not understand/get how to do it and or if I was doing it correct.  I really enjoyed most of the work done for this class this week but I can not say im really excited about starting the video aspect of this class :o. Cant wait to see what week 10 has in store for us! :)

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