8 down and counting….

I enjoyed getting back into the swing of things with all the fun activities we had to do. I started off this week getting the radio show out of the way and I listened and enjoyed the one that played on Tuesday; Noir D&D. I made my own character’s Twitter account at @88BLACKWIDOW88 Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.19.55 PMand I made an email margaretpinualt8@gmail.com. Next, I did my daily creates and I did the ones on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.Tuesdays daily create was to show the many sides of yourself and upload it onto flickr. I made a collage of 3 different photos and they are photos from the side of my face, back and front.   The one I did on Friday was my LOL Video , which I did and uploaded onto youtube. I used a videocreator.com to make my video and I used the photos of “Friends” the show, minions and my teammates because all three of those things never fail to make me laugh. Sundays create was to make a lesson and I of course made my lesson about basketball because who would expect anything different? HAHA. I did my assignments and I did a total of 4 and I used Kendall Parker’s character, and Amanda Layton to help me get through this process. I made a Pop Quiz, Story Map, Pinterest and Invoice. I did my inspire posts and I did mine with Donuts, Differences, Nachos and Dory & Me.

Lastly, I did my 10 comments and here they are :


I am looking forward to starting next weeks stuff:)

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