Noir in cinema


When comparing the readings from Week 2 and the movies in Week 3 they are both easy to determine but you are able to pick out the elements in movies. You can really see the dim lighting, smoking, unusual camera angles, and venetian blind elements that are talked about so much in the readings. The two movies that I decided to watch were “Killer’s Kiss” and ” The Hitch-hiker” which while made around the same time have different story lines. Both movies have the same type of aspects and you can tell when you start watching them that they are noir movies, with the crime and dark scenes. You definitely get that emphasize of shadows in these movies making them perfect examples of noir.

The movie The Hitch-Hiker is a good movie to find multiple noir elements. I found a few of them throughout the movie along with the normal noir features. This movie is about a guy that as killed people and he runs into two guys and he kidnaps them and makes them drive him where ever he wants to go. There are multiple times that both men face opportunities where they both could have escaped but one would not leave the other. The guy holding them hostage puts them both through times where they could have been killed but he realized that he needed them both to go anywhere. This movie has a good amount of unusual camera angles shown like the one pictured below and a large amount of the movie is in dim lighting and shown at night which is a big part of noir film. This movie is not something I would watch in my free time but it was good for the noir category.
Hitch hiker 2Noir element: Unusual camera angle

Hitch hiker 3Noir element: Dim lighting

The movie Killer’s Kiss is a perfect example of noir film. It has that dark and suspenseful feeling throughout the whole movie. The setting of the movie is in the city of New York and a lot of the scenes are in an alleyway or in dark shadow filled rooms. This movie has many different angles which is a key element in noir movies plus the fact that you rarely see it shot in the daytime giving it that dramatic feeling. This movie has the classic features of noir with murder, crime, police, female presence, smoking, lighting, and shadows. This movie has a plot of a boxer, a mob boss, and a female taxi dancer, and the boxer saves the taxi driver from the mob boss assaulting her but it does not make things good for them the rest of the movie. The boxer and taxi dancer fall in love and plan to leave together and go to Seattle but the mob boss kidnaps her and he must go save her. This movie is suspenseful but took awhile to get going. This movie is not my style of movie but I enjoyed it for the noir aspect and letting me become more familiar with noir cinema.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.04.15 AMNoir element: Smoking cloud

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 1.17.29 PMNoir element: Dim lighting

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.57.42 AMNoir element: Unusual camera angle and dim lighting

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