For this assignment this week I kept my phone with me and I took photos and were in photos that involved four of the ten components. I found Color, Balance, Proportion and Unity.

In this first photo I took with my friend I didn’t even realize how perfect it was for the design challenge. But then I looked at the poster and I found that it had great Balance, the way she designed it the words are split on top and on bottom and while they are not even in letters they both take up the same amount of space making it look even. Plus she also used the same number of #34 on both sides of the poster.


In this photo I found proportion in the sign at The UPS Store. Its saying that you can save money by getting a mailbox but the amount saved is bigger than the general statement showing the more important part of the sign plus it draws your eyes to the amount being saved rather than what you are saving on.


In this photo I found unity but I did it in a different perspective and found the word Unity. This sign is in our locker room and those are all of the components of our team that make up Unity so I thought it fit for the challenge.


In this photo I took out of it Color. In most of this photo you can take out blue and grey throughout the photo showing you the color pattern of this photo. This was not planned and I had no idea that we were both wearing the same colors until after the photo was taken. The blue and grey stand out drawing you to that color aspect.


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