From the past!


This image is of Margaret Pinault and Mathieu Gaston in front of their home in France. Mathieu was a millionaire art collector and Margaret was a painter herself. This was at the beginning of their marriage when they just moved into their new home. Margaret looks sad because this was the first time that Mathieu had hit her, he hit her because he thought her paintings were not god enough. She was upset because she knew they had pictures the next day and she was forced to smile and act happy but you can see it on her face that she was not. This was the beginning to the end of their relationship…

Best Assignment – Black Widow

The Best Assignment that i have done for ds106 so far would have to be the Character Dossier. I really enjoyed this part of the week’s activities because it let me be creative and use my imagination with a character. Margaret Pinault aka Black Widow is a seductive women who finds wealthy men, gets with them and then they “suspiciously” die. I am looking forward to continuing this project throughout the semester because it could go many different ways.