Why you talking to yourself Margaret?

For this assignment we had to record ourselves having a conversation with myself; http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/have-a-conversation-with-yourself/. I did this by recording myself in two different outfits on IMovie. After I got the recordings I put them together to flow together and make a conversation .

I did this assignment because who doesn’t want to have a conversation with themselves? I mean come on but I was having a discussion about the latest lose in my life with my second husband passing away. When are they going to learn? Thats all i want to know, well i guess I won’t know anytime soon. Oh well. I guess I am not called the Black Widow for no reason..

Don’t get bitten ;)

This assignment was for me to tell a story through flashcards, http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/this-is-my-story/For this assignment I wanted to tell my story about how I get what I always want. Yes, it might have been in the expense of my first husband but I got what I wanted at the end of the day. Let’s just say that this was the day that started my reputation for the rest of my life. I do not regret a thing that happened that day because it changed my life and it was for the better. Lesson learned that day: Do not cross the Black Widow or you will get bitten ;) Movie on 3-29-15 at 9.25 PM

This assignment was done on PhotoBooth on my computer as well, all I did was go to the effects button and find black and white. I felt like black and white gave it more of the feeling it makes you have. Once I found my effect I just recorded myself and there you go you have my story! 

Lets go to the Eiffel Tower.

How do you live in France your whole life and never go to the Eiffel tower? That was my thought exactly, so I decided it was time I took a trip since I now have some free time being alone and all. It was a great change of scenery and who would have thought but I got my eye on a new potential  man ;) 

Movie on 3-29-15 at 9.03 PM

I did this assignment by going onto PhotoBooth on the computer and finding the background in the effects. I am not going to lie me and technology are not friends so this took me a long time to accomplish. Once I got my effect I just recorded myself in front of it, so I guess you could say I had the “green screen effect”.

Words…. Story…. Pictures

For this assignment I had to pick words that I could make a story out of and find pictures then create a video. I figured I would make something that I love most in life so I used the words 1. Margaret (I have to be included, of course) 2. love(s) 3.success 4. because 5. it 6. brings 7. diamonds 8.and 9. money. Little background on why this is my story, because my favorite things in life are money and diamonds and what better way to get them but by being successful. What does it entail for me to be successful? Well it could be from my job in art or my “other” profession ;)

Lets take it back now y’all

For this assignment I had to take a video and make it reverse http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/play-it-backward-jack/. I took a video of my friends kitten playing with a tennis ball and reversed it. Then I put it onto I movie and had to reverse it on there then uploaded it onto Youtube. In the video the first clip is the kitten in reverse but then I added the regular video behind it so you can see the difference. I really enjoyed this assignment because the kitten is freaking adorable and it was a cool and fun assignment to do. I was kind of confused at first on how to reverse the video but then my friend showed me how to do it on IMovie and it made it so much easier and really was not that bad to get done. I hope you enjoy this cute little kitty : Kitty 

I think its time to show off…

For this assignment I had to take assignments I have done in class and make a video of them. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/show-off/ I worked with Kendall Parker to combine our characters and make the video of both our characters. For this assignment we both took our favorite assignments that we did for our characters and then made a video. I picked nine assignments for my character Margaret and Kendall picked nine for her Character Julia. After we picked the assignments, Kendall took them and made the video and added music and words to each photo or sound part to give you an idea of what the assignment is. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to work with a classmate, it took care of the requirements for my character and it was an interesting assignment. I hope you enjoy the video off all our favorite works for our characters :)

Lucky me

For this assignment Where do you want to go? I would love to and have dreamed about going to Ireland. I just did a bucket list for my friends Inter Varsity activity and my first thing was to travel the world and most importantly go to Ireland first! I am Irish and most of my family from my dads side were born there and just knowing that much makes me want to go and visit so much more. Not only would it be awesome to go to Ireland to learn about my family it is BEAUTIFUL! When I was doing this assignment and looked up photos of this place I fell in love even more than I already was, I knew it was pretty but this place is breathtaking.

For this project I first went onto Google to look up the photos to use for the video, and then I went onto Youtube to find music that fit with my location. Once I got those items; 8 photos and one song, I had to find a website to make my video and put it all together. I found a website called Stupeflix Video and then I put it all together so I hope you enjoy :)

Here is my video: IRELAND