And that’s a wrap.

This week had a lot more involvement than week 1 of the radio show. I had a lot of fun working with Aubrey Howland, Kendall Parker, and Amanda Layton. This week was basically doing all the hard stuff and putting it all together, while in week 1 we developed our group and background information, we had to write and process it all. We met on Wednesday to put together the dialogue and find the sounds needed for the story, while it was not fully written because we kept trying to find the right direction to go we texted and worked together to add new things and finalize what was going to happen. Friday everything was final and recordings were started, the real fun began. We all had busy schedules and could not find a day to all meet together so we had to do the recordings separately and then send them to Kendall to put it all together. The whole thing was finished Sunday morning when it was all put together and we got the commercials and bumpers to make the time. This project was really a lot of fun and I enjoyed working on it, I usually hate group projects because it is always left to one person doing all the work (or maybe thats just my luck?) but everyone pitched in and did their task.

Don’t want to keep you waiting anymore, so here is the final product. ENJOY!