Radio Show

For the Radio Show, I am in a group with Aubrey Howland, Kendall Parker and Amanda Layton. We have come up with the group name The maNOIRpulators and it was a very cool name and goes great with the story line we have created. We never got to actually meet this week but we stayed in contact the whole week through texting and while it might have helped to actually meet texting was very efficient and did not seem to delay any of our thoughts or process to get the ideas flowing for the show.

We made it so each of our character’s somehow were related or connected to one another. My character is the oldest of the 4 being born in the 1920s and is the grandma to Aubrey’s character and Kendall’s character. Amanda’s character is the friend of Kendall’s character and all three of them are based on present day. My character is involved because she is brought into flashbacks as well as giving advice to all three of the girls when they are in need. This becomes very chaotic when all three girls realize they are all at the bar to seduce the same man and it only goes on from there.

We have a lot of interesting and cool ways to keep this story going and it is going to be so much fun to start putting it all together in the upcoming weeks. I can not wait to get this thing officially up and running!

Stay tuned The maNOIRpulators will be back !