How about some Noir D&D?

The radio show that I listened to this week was on Tuesday night and it was called Noir D&D. I am not going to lie to you I had no idea that it was a game until halfway through the show, I did not get the concept and or might have missed that small detail in the beginning. I thought it was very helpful to have the character introductions and their introduction for the show was very good in general. The soft music they had playing behind the introduction fit perfectly because it did not over power anything. There was points throughout the show when they were very quiet and that was with my volume all the way up and then there were points when it was fine. I did get very lost throughout the show but once I figured out that it was a game show everything started to make sense and it was not that confusing to me anymore. The fact that they were having so much fun during their show and just acting so normal made the show that much more enjoyable to listen too because their laughter and happiness was contagious. :D I found it really cool that they took a different perspective and made their show a game show, it was a different approach and I liked their idea behind it. Their commercial placement throughout the show was done very well, they seemed so natural and not just randomly placed they fit in with the breaks and just kept the show going at a normal feel. The only downfall I could say that this show had was the lack of sound effects, there were so many parts throughout the game that could have been enhanced by the usage of sound effects but without them they just did not have that same feel even though we knew what was happening. Honestly, other than the use of sound effects I think this show was done very well and put together good. Props to the group who made this show :)

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