Photography and Visual Stories

My type of photography is mostly selfies and group photos with my friends and this tends to happen a lot just because I like to capture memories. It is funny to think of the fact that most of the things I take photos of is myself or my friends yet there is so much more that I could take a photo of. Most of my photos are taken to go on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. I never really have an approach to the type of photo that I take other then if it feels like a good moment or time to take the photo it will be taken. I don’t really capture or put much thought into whats behind me or what’s going on around me. I do however take into consideration the lighting inside or the lighting outside when a photo is taken, the lighting can make or break the photo. I would like to think that for the way I prefer to take photos and I capture them that I am successful in the way I want them.

I have not really thought about photography or the different ways and aspects to photography. I think my favorite type of photos are action shots mostly pertaining to athletics, but any action shot is interesting to me. The readings helped me gain a better insight to all that comes with photography. There is so much that can be in a photo and I have never looked at them to the instinct that they could be looked at. It’s crazy to think that the way something or some one is facing , the brightness of the photo or the items in the background or area can drastically change the photo. There is so much that can come from a photo and reading the passages and watching the video helped me realize that you can come up with a story of a photo by the way it is taken, you may not know a thing about a photo but can make something up depending on how the photo is presented. Angles and geometry can have a huge affect on photography and I will be the first to admit that I honestly did not think that it played a huge role.

With all the information that I learned from the passages I will work on how and what I take photos of. It will be cool to have a nice scenario behind me and making sure I have that true focus point in my photos. I want someone to look at my pictures and be able to make up a story or know what is going on in the photo without a description. I think it will be quite easy to adjust and try cooperating these techniques into my photography in the future.