Space in film

In the movie “The Big Lebowski” it was easy to see how this movie related to the noir theme and the city of Los Angeles’ environment. This film depicts the 1990s perfectly. One thing noticeable throughout the movie is the sense of being dirty. The mans apartment is nasty and dirty with things laying around the place and scratched up wallpaper. You get that feel of noir just being in the place.

The amount of space shown in the movie also depicts that sense of noir or shall I say the lack of space in the city. All of the buildings were close and all of the houses were small in size but all similar. You could get that view of noir elements depicted in the streets with the night lights and the bright signs flashing and shown at night giving you that dark but city feeling. One thing I did notice about the highways was that they had no lights on them making them dark and kind of spooky to be on at night.

I could definitely see how space plays a big role in giving you that noir sense in the cities. You could see the limited space as I stated above in the buildings but also on the side roads and dark alleys throughout the city landscape. With more space being taken up you get more shadows and dark scenes shown in the movie giving you that noir effect.

Space and the city environment gives you that feeling of noir and that was shown very well in the movie I watched. I can now get more of a taste for how different movies will use space and the city environment to show noir elements. I really enjoyed watching this movie and seeing all of these elements.