Can you hear it ?

This assignment called Sound Scapes was worth 4.5 stars and it was kinda hard to do. I related it back to my character and at first I had no idea how I was going to do that but then I realized I didn’t really do anything for her husband. I first needed to find sounds that I could then mix to make a story with, which I found on After I got my sounds I put them in order onto Audacity which was quite simple to do since I have gotten a lot better at using it.

My story is based on him leaving work, heading home and then getting home and opening a beer, watching tv which becomes static form being on too long and falling asleep on the couch. You start with him getting in his car, driving on the road and you hear horns honking and then the door slamming closed once he gets home. Then you hear the front door open, him walking a can opening and then him walking again, then you hear the tv static and finally him snoring. Which guy doesn’t come home and do all of those things after a long day at work? I used about 7 or 8 different sounds and I tried to make them transition well, so I hope it kind of flows together.


Auto Tuned death!

For this assignment I did Auto tune Something which was 1.5 stars and I have decided to dedicate this to my character. For this I found a sound of a man choking and auto tuned the noise to give it a new sound. I chose this sound because she kills her husband by poisoning him so what better thing then to have a sound of a man choking. I found the sound of the man on and then just downloaded it and uploaded it onto Audacity. The way to make it sound like an auto tuned noise was to change the pitch of the sound.

Let’s take things slow

For this audio assignment I did “Make it 800% slower” for 3 stars. The song used in the example was U Smile by Justin Bieber and it was done so beautifully. I can not make any promises that mine was done anywhere near as nicely as that. I did the song The Scientist by Coldplay because it is one of my favorite songs and it was already kind of slow so it wouldn’t be that much harder to make it slower… so I thought.

I imported the song onto Audacity and then went to Edit then clicked Select and then hit All and then went to Effects and clicked Change Speed. Once that menu popped up it had a bar at the bottom and it started at the center and I dragged it to the left and did it about 5 or 6 times until it was really slow and basically all the way to the left of the bar and then I had to change the Pitch so it no longer sounded like a very spooky man singing a song at a horribly slow pace. I had to do the same thing as listed above until I got back to the Effects menu and instead of hitting Change Speed I hit Change Pitch. This was very hard to master because I either went way to high and he sounded like a screaming chipmunk or it was not far enough, but I think I got close enough to make it sound normal for the speed of the song.

I hope you enjoyed my slooooooow moooooootion version of this song!


For this Audio Assignment I did Reverse Audio Quiz which is 2.5 stars. I had to pick a song that I liked and reverse it then give you three hints so you can try and figure it out.

Here is my track and here are my three hints to see if you can try and figure it out:

1)The Artist is on The Voice

2)It came out in 2014

3)It was on the Kia Soul Hamster commercial

I really enjoyed this assignment, I did it by importing the track onto Audacity. After I imported the track I went to Edit and hit select then select all and then go to effects and hit reverse. I never realized it would be that simple to reverse a song but there you go!

This song sounds really cool reverse so I hope that you guys listen too and can figure out what song it is! :)

Mash up Chris Brown edition

For one of my Audio Assignments I decided to do the “So and So’s Greatest Hits” which was to find one of your favorite artists/ bands and make a mash up of at least 5 of their songs.


For this assignment I did mine based on Chris Brown, I chose him because he has always been one of my favorite artists. I love his music, I never seem to listen to one of his songs and hate it. The five songs that I picked were:

  1. Run It
  2. Yo Excuse Me Miss
  3. New Flame
  4. Don’t Wake Me Up
  5. Don’t Judge Me

It took me a very very very long time to figure out how to combine these songs on Audacity. I can not lie using it for the first time was pretty challenging so this took me a lot longer than I thought it would to complete. I picked these songs because not only are they some of my favorite songs by Chris Brown but they are songs that I know most people would know and or heard of. I tried to pick songs throughout his start and current music making process to give more of a mix to it. I was not very successful with creating that nice smooth transition from song to song so sorry about the random skipping and unexpected jump from song to song. I was very scared when I went to upload this bad boy to SoundCloud because tight away I was notified that it could not be published due to Copy Right issues and I would have to go through some long process to get it approved to be on there. So, I just made it an MP3 and uploaded it to my blog (hope that is not an issue :o )

Hope you enjoy my mash up as much as I do :)


What’s going on ?

This is my short story created by sound effects about my character Margaret Pinuat, I hope you enjoy:

In this story created by sound effects I used 10 different sounds. I used:

  • Foot steps in the woods
  • Front door opening
  • Whisking batter
  • Oven opening and closing
  • Man eating
  • Man choking
  • Phone dialing
  • Police sirens
  • Woman crying
  • Rain

These different sounds go along with my character because these are the sounds used when she kills her husband. It starts with her going to the woods to grab some poisonous berries. Then she comes home and starts making the batter for her cake. Throws it in the oven and then when it comes out she serves it to her husband for dessert, he thinks it is just any old cake but comes to find out that it is poisoned, before he could do anything he starts choking. With her plan working perfectly, she calls the cops in distress making it seem like he is having a heart attack. The cops are close to the house and when they come in they find her crying over his dead body. Not to make the story any more gloomy of course it has been raining the whole day!

Hope you can picture that story with the sound effects used!

Favorite Song :)

For this Audio Assignment I was suppose to pick my favorite song and play it for at least 30 seconds and see who could guess the name of it! So here is my song :

I chose this song because when I was little it was the main song in one of my favorite movies. I grew up listening to it a lot after that, I would have this song on repeat and would play this song until no one around me could no longer listen to it anymore! It is still possibly one of my favorite songs if not still my all time favorite song. I hope you guys can figure out what it is because it is a great song !