maNOIRpulators poster

For the group design I decided to make a poster to represent my character’s role, The Grandmother. She is the grandmother to two of the characters who our cousins in our show and she gives advice to all three of the girls on the story. For this I got a silhouette of a grandmother sitting in a chair with thought bubbles over her head with the word maNOIRpulators on the bottom of the poster. I did my design this way because it relates back to my part in the story and it shows her role in the show.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.11.12 PM

For this assignment I used Powerpoint to make this poster. I pasted the picture of the grandmother and then used the shape button and went to thought bubbles and pasted it above the grandmothers head. Lastly, I used WordArt to write out our group name “maNOIRpulators” in red to make it standout against the rest of the black of the poster.



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