MaNOIRpulators are not done yet…

I know we made the show but actually listening too it on the DS106radio made it sound that much better! I was nervous at the thought of everyone hearing it because of the fear that no one would like it because you know everyone has that fear that they might think it is bad. Of course, the show started with some glitches and it was overlapping and quite frankly making us upset because it was not running the right way and people were getting annoyed and thought our show was suppose to sound that way and it was not! Once it started playing the correct way the nerves went down because people were saying nothing but positive things about our show. Everyone liked our sound effects and the commercials which were some things we were kind of nervous about but once people started saying how good they were we got really happy and excited. It was nice seeing our professors comment on our show and mention the things we were doing well and how they enjoyed the things going on in our show. If we were able to do anything differently I would just hope for more time to actually work with the people in our group, we were never all able to work together but some of us here and there and most of it was done individually. I can not say that it was hurtful to the group that we did not all get together because we got it done and it turned out great but it just would have been nice to get together once with all four of us. My favorite part of this project was probably doing the recording and watching it all come together. While I did not have a huge speaking part in the show (since my character was dead) I enjoyed getting the sound effects and helping plan the show. The hardest part about this show was probably getting all of the show planned out and figuring out when and what people have to record an then putting it all together ( S/O to Kendall Parker for putting it all together). For future DS106 students doing this show, get together with your group as often as possible and make sure you have a good way to combine all of the people into the show. It is very beneficial for the group if you all have an idea going into the planning and then you can start faster. Overall, this project was fun and I enjoyed doing it with my group!

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