Week 3 Completed!

I am happy to announce that my week 3 assignments are completed and I am one happy cookie. The daily creates took me a little bit longer to start this week because I did not like them. But I did the one from Thursday which was to show silence in a movie; Free Throw in style! I did the one on Friday that was to show yourself making a paper sculpture; Paper Sailboat. Lastly, for my daily create I did the one on Saturday which was to write instructions for an everyday item and I did mine on eating a bowl of cereal. I updated my blog to add menus onto my sidebar and then I changed my profile layout again and added a background to my screen. I started my week by doing my Visual Assignments because I actually enjoy doing them the most. I went onto the website and browsed through the pages to find other assignments to do other than the mandatory one for our character. I did the Post It notes assignment which was 3 stars and I based it on my character which helped go towards my 5 stars for the week. Next I found an assignment to make a collage of pictures from A to Z based on the same theme or category. I did mine based on animals because I love animals and I was able to put most of my favorite animals into one collage. I finished my visual assignments with the What’s in your Bag assignment designated to our character, which I had a lot of fun with because I could put things in there that would go along with her story in the future and stuff that she already had. My noir photo safari was a lot more fun to do then I expected, once I figured out what things I was going to base my photos on I enjoyed going to find and take the photos, plus the help of my friends made it easier to accomplish. I really enjoyed watching the movies this week, I did not think I would enjoy them at first but once I started watching them I got into them. I really enjoyed watching “Killer’s Kiss” and “The Hitch-hiker” because I got to really witness the noir themes and key features described in the readings in the films. I liked finding scenes that went along with the elements plus it was fun learning how to screen shot on my mac (sorry I am so far behind the short cuts on a computer) HA. Lastly, I did my analysis on my own photography, and let me add that I never realized how many selfies and group photos I have on my phone/ computer until I really went through and looked. I am really planning on adding new techniques and styles when I take photos because really cool photos could be developed. The readings and videos were very insightful to everyday life and plus it gave me background on some techniques for noir style photography.

I was very iffy about this week when I first looked at what was needed to do but I generally enjoyed everything that was needed to be done this week. I am looking forward to the next week to start so I can see what is in store!

Margaret’s handbag goodies!

In Margaret’s handbag you can find her everyday essentials, you will find:

  • blSunglasses
  • Eye drops
  • Knife
  • Compacted mirror
  • Black gloves
  • Red lipstick
  • Pepper spray

Margaret has these items in her purse for many reasons. She always carries her sunglasses in her purse because then she covers her eyes when she looks at men to figure out who will be her next target, plus they look good on her ;). Her eye drops are in the bag not for the main reason you think, she uses them as a way to poison people but since she has that sweet and innocent attitude they never expect her to put them in their drinks when they are not around or looking. She carries a knife in her purse but not a normal folding knife or hunting knife but a kitchen knife, for the fact that she does not know when she will kill her next man but she is always prepared no matter where she is, plus it is not her kitchen knife so it will not be tied back to her. She has her compacted mirror well only because what female doesn’t need a mirror in their purse. Her red lipstick is a nice touch every once and awhile and it looks good to put on when she spots her new target. She needs her black gloves because they are her favorite possession and she wears them with every outfit, they are perfect when she has to go to a funeral too… Lastly, in her purse is her pepper spray, what person would think a lady like her would use pepper spray for any reason but for protection, thats right everyone but little did they know she uses it for other reasons.

As I mentioned before all of these items play a specific part in her life and some of them you have not seen used yet so stay tuned…

Noir in cinema


When comparing the readings from Week 2 and the movies in Week 3 they are both easy to determine but you are able to pick out the elements in movies. You can really see the dim lighting, smoking, unusual camera angles, and venetian blind elements that are talked about so much in the readings. The two movies that I decided to watch were “Killer’s Kiss” and ” The Hitch-hiker” which while made around the same time have different story lines. Both movies have the same type of aspects and you can tell when you start watching them that they are noir movies, with the crime and dark scenes. You definitely get that emphasize of shadows in these movies making them perfect examples of noir.

The movie The Hitch-Hiker is a good movie to find multiple noir elements. I found a few of them throughout the movie along with the normal noir features. This movie is about a guy that as killed people and he runs into two guys and he kidnaps them and makes them drive him where ever he wants to go. There are multiple times that both men face opportunities where they both could have escaped but one would not leave the other. The guy holding them hostage puts them both through times where they could have been killed but he realized that he needed them both to go anywhere. This movie has a good amount of unusual camera angles shown like the one pictured below and a large amount of the movie is in dim lighting and shown at night which is a big part of noir film. This movie is not something I would watch in my free time but it was good for the noir category.
Hitch hiker 2Noir element: Unusual camera angle

Hitch hiker 3Noir element: Dim lighting

The movie Killer’s Kiss is a perfect example of noir film. It has that dark and suspenseful feeling throughout the whole movie. The setting of the movie is in the city of New York and a lot of the scenes are in an alleyway or in dark shadow filled rooms. This movie has many different angles which is a key element in noir movies plus the fact that you rarely see it shot in the daytime giving it that dramatic feeling. This movie has the classic features of noir with murder, crime, police, female presence, smoking, lighting, and shadows. This movie has a plot of a boxer, a mob boss, and a female taxi dancer, and the boxer saves the taxi driver from the mob boss assaulting her but it does not make things good for them the rest of the movie. The boxer and taxi dancer fall in love and plan to leave together and go to Seattle but the mob boss kidnaps her and he must go save her. This movie is suspenseful but took awhile to get going. This movie is not my style of movie but I enjoyed it for the noir aspect and letting me become more familiar with noir cinema.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.04.15 AMNoir element: Smoking cloud

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 1.17.29 PMNoir element: Dim lighting

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.57.42 AMNoir element: Unusual camera angle and dim lighting

Noir Photo Safari!

This is my noir themed photo safari for the week! I took 5 individual photos but the themes I found were: Angled camera, NoirCat, one-sided lighting, drama or moodiness, and grittiness of a built environment.

1) Angled camera



2) Moodiness



3) Lighting on one side


4) NoirCat


5) Grittiness



In this assignment I had the help of some friends that were willing to take photos with me or let me take photos of them. In the first photo I am with my friend Amy outside and my friend bee took the photo at an angle. In the second photo it is my friends Amy and MK and MK is happy and smiling and then Amy is making a face from being irritated. The third photo is of the outdoors, it is the sun coming through the tree and reflecting light on the right side of the photo. My fourth photo is of my cat and it was perfect that he is black and looks kinda spooky in the photo. Lastly, this photo is of the grittiness on the ceiling in a dorm on campus.

This assignment kind of stumped me at first but once I thought about it for awhile I was able to come up with some ideas and accomplish the task!

Photography and Visual Stories

My type of photography is mostly selfies and group photos with my friends and this tends to happen a lot just because I like to capture memories. It is funny to think of the fact that most of the things I take photos of is myself or my friends yet there is so much more that I could take a photo of. Most of my photos are taken to go on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. I never really have an approach to the type of photo that I take other then if it feels like a good moment or time to take the photo it will be taken. I don’t really capture or put much thought into whats behind me or what’s going on around me. I do however take into consideration the lighting inside or the lighting outside when a photo is taken, the lighting can make or break the photo. I would like to think that for the way I prefer to take photos and I capture them that I am successful in the way I want them.

I have not really thought about photography or the different ways and aspects to photography. I think my favorite type of photos are action shots mostly pertaining to athletics, but any action shot is interesting to me. The readings helped me gain a better insight to all that comes with photography. There is so much that can be in a photo and I have never looked at them to the instinct that they could be looked at. It’s crazy to think that the way something or some one is facing , the brightness of the photo or the items in the background or area can drastically change the photo. There is so much that can come from a photo and reading the passages and watching the video helped me realize that you can come up with a story of a photo by the way it is taken, you may not know a thing about a photo but can make something up depending on how the photo is presented. Angles and geometry can have a huge affect on photography and I will be the first to admit that I honestly did not think that it played a huge role.

With all the information that I learned from the passages I will work on how and what I take photos of. It will be cool to have a nice scenario behind me and making sure I have that true focus point in my photos. I want someone to look at my pictures and be able to make up a story or know what is going on in the photo without a description. I think it will be quite easy to adjust and try cooperating these techniques into my photography in the future.

Post It- Margaret Style

To do list -MP


I did the Post It Visual Assignment for my character Margaret Pinualt and her husband Mathieu. On the Pink sticky note is something that Mathieu came up with when they got married since they were both so successful and its just a reminder they have in their kitchen. The Green sticky note is Mathieu’s saying on his business card, so he has it hanging up in the mostly every room of the house. The Purple sticky note is Margaret’s motto in life. The Yellow post it is her grocery list and if you look carefully those are all the ingredients used in killing Mathieu.(Sneaky Sneaky) Lastly, the blue post it is her to do list for the day and if you notice it is the same things she does on the day she planned to kill her husband. The setting of these post its are at their house, the to do list and grocery list are based on the day she killed her husband but made it look like any other day by throwing in picking up her dress and cleaning the house, also getting the wine because that way her husband knows there is a special occasion but does not know it is for his own death.

I did my Post-Its on Paint for Macbook because that worked best and I just drew the squares then colored them in with a specific color. I used all those things on my post it notes that were part of facts and information given in other assignments based on my character. I couldn’t add much more because that information hasn’t ben given yet!

Week One Summary

The first week I have learned a good amount of new ways to use multiple social media sites. I have never had a Flickr or SoundCloud before but setting them up and getting use to them was quite easy. I had to get a YouTube account and I am not big on posting videos but I can get use to that! Trying to get use to how to embed videos and photos to WordPress was difficult at first but I think I got it down!

My impression of Noir is that it is a very dark and mysterious. It leaves you with a suspenseful feeling and makes you want to keep watching. My example of noir is Pulp Fiction, with its suspense scenes and violent crimes it brings out the dark and mysterious feeling.


PFI am exited to see where the rest of the semester takes me and I am looking forward to #ds106!

Photo Collage- Animal Style

Here is my A to Z photo collage Visual Assignment! I choose to make mine with animals! I made it with animals because I knew I would get to put my favorite animals on the collage. While it was hard to think of animals for the lower end of the alphabet I was able to find some that worked. A unique animal on my collage would have to be my U animal, that is an Umbrellabird because the top of its head looks like an umbrella. One thing I thought about while finding the animals to use was that I would use animals that started with that specific letter not animals of the breed; for example with the letter D I did Dog instead of Doberman which is a type of dog.


Week 2 Summary! Writing and Noir

This week I found the assignments to be rather interesting! I enjoyed doing the Daily Creates because they were creative and fun to do. Once i got started on reading the stories for noir they were actually quite interesting and I became drawn in and didn’t want them to end, it was cool seeing all the different styles of noir in writing and how each author portrays it in their stories. I read The Postman Aways Rings Twice, The Shadow , The Killers and Debris and I did my alternative ending to The Killers. I really enjoyed making my Character Dossier and put a lot of thought into her and her style. Her name is Margaret Pinault aka Black Widow. Doing the writing assignments was not that bad it was just trying to figure out how to make some about my character kind of tricky but once I figured that out it all became easier to do. I did the Best Assignment, Post from the Past, and Thankful for writing topics. The daily creates I did this week were the Cat with a synthesizer in Space, Yodeling and Eye Selfie, all three of them were quick, easy and fun to participate in. Lastly, I enjoyed working and messing around with my blog, I changed the theme, updated my about me section and added a quote. I have also commented on some fellow classmates post and it was cool and interesting to see everyone’s ideas and takes on the different things we did this week! I also got a good amount of comments on my stuff telling me that people like them or think its a good idea or writing so that was nice to receive as well!

I can not wait to see what is in store in the future in the upcoming week!

My items from this week are below:

Daily Creates:  https://soundcloud.com/brianne-comden/yodeling



Alternative Ending: http://briannecomden34.com/uncategorized/the-killers-alternative-ending/

Character Dossier: http://briannecomden34.com/uncategorized/margaret-pinault