Business Card – 2 stars

For this assignment I had to make a business card and I dedicated it to my noir character Margaret Pinualt. I made her business card for her job at her husbands paint gallery. This was perfect because now you can get a little more background on her job and her positions at the gallery. I made this card by using photoshop and taking a business card template then just filling in the necessary information to give you enough information about Margaret.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.05.28 PM

The Ultimate Merger – 4.5 stars

AT&T and T-Mobile

For this assignment you had to take two companies and merge their logos together. I did AT&T and T-Mobile for this assignment and I decided to do them because you would never expect these two companies to actually join together. They are both cellular competitors and it is very unrealistic that they merge. I do like the design with their two logos together! I did this assignment by looking up the AT&T logo on google, then copying it onto Paintbrush for Mac then I looked up the T- Mobile logo and copied it underneath the AT&T logo and there you go you now have your new logo! :)

T-mobile: AT&T

On this day – 3 stars

 Steamboat Willie in New York – 1928

For this assignment you had to look up “On this day in history” on google and choose a specific event that happened on your Birthday and use either your first or last name and have a picture to go with each letter. The letters had to be the same colors as the google colors. So I looked up events that happened on September 19th in history and I choose to do the premiere showing of Steamboat Willie in New York. I chose this event because I love Mikey Mouse and what is more awesome then to find out that it premiered on the same day as my birthday !

On this day

Week 4 Complete at least

Once again another week is complete! I did the daily creates basically last this week because I procrastinated like therewas no tomorrow. But I did the ones on Thursday and Saturday this week (cutting it close, I know). The one on Thursday was to meme a picture of a dog and Saturday was International Dot Day. (I have and issue with my daily create from Saturday because I posted it on flickr and it showed up on the website but then when I went back to my Flickr account to get the link my picture was no longer there…Sorry about this, I do not know what to do so I am going to just post my picture). But I really enjoyed doing the IDD daily create for the one reason that I could add basketball in it.

FullSizeRenderThe first thing I did this week was watch the video and then downloaded Audacity and try to get familiar with that. That took me a very long time to understand or learn how to use but I started getting the hang of it more and more as I worked on my Audio Assignments for this week. I started with an Assignment called So and So’s Greatest Hits which was to take a famous artist or band and find at least five of their songs and mash them together. I did mine with Chris Brown because one he is hot, two I love his music and three for the fact that he has always been one of my favorite artists. I could not upload this onto soundcloud because of Copy Right issues.

Secondly, I did an assignment called Favorite Song which was worth 1 1/2 stars and I had to take my favorite song and play at least 30 seconds of it without lyrics and people are suppose to guess what song it is. Lastly, for Audio Assignments I did the sound effects one which went toward our 8 stars and had to be about our character. I did the post on Radio Ideas which we will be completing in a few weeks in a group and honestly it took me a little bit to come up with any ideas at all for this show, but once I had time to think I came up with a few. I was really interested in this weeks reading and video comparison about Audio in film and noir. I never realized how big of a role audio really played in film and how the perfect sound or noise could make or break the scene or point trying to be displayed. Learning this material really puts a new perspective on the sound and layering of sound put into a scene at one time. Lastly, I made my radio bumper for DS106 Radio which for me was harder than I thought it would be. I was very unsure at first what to do and what sound to use as my background.

This week was very interesting and I had to come out of my comfort zone a little with doing audio recordings because I hate the way my voice sounds so I tried very hard to pick activities where I had to rarely talk. I can not wait to see what is in store for us in the upcoming week.


Audio Storytelling

Touch of Evil Opening Shot vs Touch of Evil Opening (No-restored version) :

The music in Touch of Evil Opening Shot has more of a happy tone to it. It makes you feel like what is about to come is going to be good or happy. You get that sense of the city with the police whistles, chatter among people, goats walking across the street and the music playing along the street. You do not get that noise from the explosion because it was cut off. This version gives you the impression of delight and excitement when that is not the case at all

In the Touch of Evil Opening ( No-restored version) it is a more dark type of music giving you that sense of something bad is going to happen from the beginning. It has a more mysterious and drama filled beat to it and much faster than the first version. Everything just seems to be going with the noise and is a much faster pace for the people and goats walking across the street. You do not hear the cops whistles as much or the conversations of the people, it is very serious feeling. The noise from the explosion was louder, the screams and sirens helps put into perspective of sadness and makes you aware of what just happened.

While reading and watching the selected items for this week I learned a lot about audio in film and most importantly noir. Audio in films to me just meant the noise that went with the actions. While audio plays a big part in noir, it has a much bigger meaning and role in films. A specific scene can be changed by the music playing in the background or lack there of. It conveys the mood, feeling and setting for that scene. You rarely see a scene in a movie or video that has music or noise that does not go with the specific setting, it just does not work.

Audio in noir expresses mood and shows how they use ambient space to convey “soundscape”. You would not get the same feeling of someone being chased down an alley if it was playing happy music as you do if the music playing was more dark and suspenseful. Pace is a big part of sound in noir films. The slower or faster the pace can determine what is trying to go on in that scene; like if someone was trying to run after someone the pace would probably be faster than if someone was trying to sneak up on another person to scare them which would be more slow. City scenes tend to have a more of a dark mysterious background noise from all the crime, gang, mobster, gambling and female dancers that could be in the scene.

I looked up an example of audio in scenes and how they change with different music: Here is a video of how different type of music can change the way this scene is viewed

Another way to look at audio in noir was by listening to DS106 Radio and being apart of the live twitter feed. I participated in the talk on Thursday night which consisted of The Killer’s and Moon Graffiti. You could really hear the different music and noises used for the different scenes and action going on in that scene. When there was gun shots in the scene the music was tense and you knew what was about to happen plus the gun shots were very loud. The music would begin to get very loud when a scene was going to end. Suspenseful music would begin to play when something dramatic or intense was going to happen. Basically, what I gathered from listening to DS106 Radio was the same as the reading and videos for this week, which was that audio plays a key part in the film plus can depict what is going to happen or change how something is viewed.

I enjoyed watching and reading this weeks material because it gave me an insight on how big of a role audio is in film and most importantly noir. Just like most of the other elements we have looked at up to this week, noir would not be the same without this feature in the films.


Radio Thoughts

The assignment was to come up with an idea or ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show, here are some ideas that I have come up with so far:

  •  A love scandal, A female with one man but she starts to be sneaky and develop feelings for another man but that doesn’t go the way she thought


  • A mafia related show: violence, crime, drugs, and gangs. What more could you ask for in one show!?

I know I do not have much details for these idea yet but one could only guess how much could come from both of these ideas, plus they are always subject to change. This is just a starting point so much could become from both of these idea, plus it will be easier to get more out of them with the help of others!

Mash up Chris Brown edition

For one of my Audio Assignments I decided to do the “So and So’s Greatest Hits” which was to find one of your favorite artists/ bands and make a mash up of at least 5 of their songs.


For this assignment I did mine based on Chris Brown, I chose him because he has always been one of my favorite artists. I love his music, I never seem to listen to one of his songs and hate it. The five songs that I picked were:

  1. Run It
  2. Yo Excuse Me Miss
  3. New Flame
  4. Don’t Wake Me Up
  5. Don’t Judge Me

It took me a very very very long time to figure out how to combine these songs on Audacity. I can not lie using it for the first time was pretty challenging so this took me a lot longer than I thought it would to complete. I picked these songs because not only are they some of my favorite songs by Chris Brown but they are songs that I know most people would know and or heard of. I tried to pick songs throughout his start and current music making process to give more of a mix to it. I was not very successful with creating that nice smooth transition from song to song so sorry about the random skipping and unexpected jump from song to song. I was very scared when I went to upload this bad boy to SoundCloud because tight away I was notified that it could not be published due to Copy Right issues and I would have to go through some long process to get it approved to be on there. So, I just made it an MP3 and uploaded it to my blog (hope that is not an issue :o )

Hope you enjoy my mash up as much as I do :)


Daily Creates for Week 4!

For week 4 I did the daily creates from Thursday and Saturday!

Thursday was to Meme this photo of a dog with something funny or creative. I wrote what I did because I always find memes like this to be funny and of course it stood out more because he looks so sad and upset that he does not blend in with the grass.


Saturday was International Dot Day and I enjoyed this one because it gave me an excuse to add basketball into my daily create!


What’s going on ?

This is my short story created by sound effects about my character Margaret Pinuat, I hope you enjoy:

In this story created by sound effects I used 10 different sounds. I used:

  • Foot steps in the woods
  • Front door opening
  • Whisking batter
  • Oven opening and closing
  • Man eating
  • Man choking
  • Phone dialing
  • Police sirens
  • Woman crying
  • Rain

These different sounds go along with my character because these are the sounds used when she kills her husband. It starts with her going to the woods to grab some poisonous berries. Then she comes home and starts making the batter for her cake. Throws it in the oven and then when it comes out she serves it to her husband for dessert, he thinks it is just any old cake but comes to find out that it is poisoned, before he could do anything he starts choking. With her plan working perfectly, she calls the cops in distress making it seem like he is having a heart attack. The cops are close to the house and when they come in they find her crying over his dead body. Not to make the story any more gloomy of course it has been raining the whole day!

Hope you can picture that story with the sound effects used!

Favorite Song :)

For this Audio Assignment I was suppose to pick my favorite song and play it for at least 30 seconds and see who could guess the name of it! So here is my song :

I chose this song because when I was little it was the main song in one of my favorite movies. I grew up listening to it a lot after that, I would have this song on repeat and would play this song until no one around me could no longer listen to it anymore! It is still possibly one of my favorite songs if not still my all time favorite song. I hope you guys can figure out what it is because it is a great song !