I think its time to show off…

For this assignment I had to take assignments I have done in class and make a video of them. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/show-off/ I worked with Kendall Parker to combine our characters and make the video of both our characters. For this assignment we both took our favorite assignments that we did for our characters and then made a video. I picked nine assignments for my character Margaret and Kendall picked nine for her Character Julia. After we picked the assignments, Kendall took them and made the video and added music and words to each photo or sound part to give you an idea of what the assignment is. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to work with a classmate, it took care of the requirements for my character and it was an interesting assignment. I hope you enjoy the video off all our favorite works for our characters :)

MaNOIRpulators are not done yet…

I know we made the show but actually listening too it on the DS106radio made it sound that much better! I was nervous at the thought of everyone hearing it because of the fear that no one would like it because you know everyone has that fear that they might think it is bad. Of course, the show started with some glitches and it was overlapping and quite frankly making us upset because it was not running the right way and people were getting annoyed and thought our show was suppose to sound that way and it was not! Once it started playing the correct way the nerves went down because people were saying nothing but positive things about our show. Everyone liked our sound effects and the commercials which were some things we were kind of nervous about but once people started saying how good they were we got really happy and excited. It was nice seeing our professors comment on our show and mention the things we were doing well and how they enjoyed the things going on in our show. If we were able to do anything differently I would just hope for more time to actually work with the people in our group, we were never all able to work together but some of us here and there and most of it was done individually. I can not say that it was hurtful to the group that we did not all get together because we got it done and it turned out great but it just would have been nice to get together once with all four of us. My favorite part of this project was probably doing the recording and watching it all come together. While I did not have a huge speaking part in the show (since my character was dead) I enjoyed getting the sound effects and helping plan the show. The hardest part about this show was probably getting all of the show planned out and figuring out when and what people have to record an then putting it all together ( S/O to Kendall Parker for putting it all together). For future DS106 students doing this show, get together with your group as often as possible and make sure you have a good way to combine all of the people into the show. It is very beneficial for the group if you all have an idea going into the planning and then you can start faster. Overall, this project was fun and I enjoyed doing it with my group!

Nighttime Noir

For this week I listened to a show on Wednesday night called ” NOIR at night “.  The introduction at the beginning of the show was very helpful to give us a background on what was going to be happening in the rest of the show.I really enjoyed their idea and take on the radio show, I liked that they took their opinions of the “top” 5 noir movies. They made it feel like I was watching the movie and involved in what was going on with each film without even having a tv near me! I liked how they described the movie they were going to play, explain who was in it and then let scenes from each movie play to give you that feel and sense of noir in them. They had really good commercials and they were well done and listening to them I wanted to buy or do whatever they were talking about. The sound effects with the commercials were very well done too and went perfectly with the product. They did have some good sound effects to go with their transition into the scenes and good background music playing when they were explaining the next movie. They had a really different style then most thatI have listened too but I really enjoyed this take and I think it was great! Shout out to the group that produced this radio show :)Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.29.10 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.29.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.29.28 PM


Lucky me

For this assignment Where do you want to go? I would love to and have dreamed about going to Ireland. I just did a bucket list for my friends Inter Varsity activity and my first thing was to travel the world and most importantly go to Ireland first! I am Irish and most of my family from my dads side were born there and just knowing that much makes me want to go and visit so much more. Not only would it be awesome to go to Ireland to learn about my family it is BEAUTIFUL! When I was doing this assignment and looked up photos of this place I fell in love even more than I already was, I knew it was pretty but this place is breathtaking.

For this project I first went onto Google to look up the photos to use for the video, and then I went onto Youtube to find music that fit with my location. Once I got those items; 8 photos and one song, I had to find a website to make my video and put it all together. I found a website called Stupeflix Video and then I put it all together so I hope you enjoy :)

Here is my video: IRELAND


8 down and counting….

I enjoyed getting back into the swing of things with all the fun activities we had to do. I started off this week getting the radio show out of the way and I listened and enjoyed the one that played on Tuesday; Noir D&D. I made my own character’s Twitter account at @88BLACKWIDOW88 Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.19.55 PMand I made an email margaretpinualt8@gmail.com. Next, I did my daily creates and I did the ones on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.Tuesdays daily create was to show the many sides of yourself and upload it onto flickr. I made a collage of 3 different photos and they are photos from the side of my face, back and front.   The one I did on Friday was my LOL Video , which I did and uploaded onto youtube. I used a videocreator.com to make my video and I used the photos of “Friends” the show, minions and my teammates because all three of those things never fail to make me laugh. Sundays create was to make a lesson and I of course made my lesson about basketball because who would expect anything different? HAHA. I did my assignments and I did a total of 4 and I used Kendall Parker’s character, and Amanda Layton to help me get through this process. I made a Pop Quiz, Story Map, Pinterest and Invoice. I did my inspire posts and I did mine with Donuts, Differences, Nachos and Dory & Me.

Lastly, I did my 10 comments and here they are :


I am looking forward to starting next weeks stuff:)

Dory is really inspirational :)

For this assignment I was inspired by Amanda Layton’s Dory & Me. This was very creative and challenging and it inspired me because it showed me that you can accomplish anything you put your mind too no matter how many stars they are worth ;) This was done very well and I could tell the different parts of the conversation. I love the movie Finding Nemo so it just helps to relate to an assignment when you do it to something you like! I thought she did a great job!Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.41.35 PM


For this assignment I had to make a Pinterest account using my character and pin 20 post that go to my character. For this I used my character and Amanda Layton’s character Sylvia Stone and pinned 10 post for both our characters. This was not that hard to find things for my character but I had to kind of think of things to do for Sylvia until I reread her blog post about her character and it made it so much easier with her sections of interests and information. I found things from what they wear to their jobs or activities outside of work. I really enjoyed doing this assignment because I got to look up different things on Pinterest and do it with someone else’s character gave me that challenge that I was ready to take on. I hope you guys enjoy the pins :)   Pinterest 

Heres a little invoice for ya

For this design assignment I had to create an invoice for someone else and I decided to do mine using Amanda Layton’s character Sylvia Stone. I based it off my character helping ruin a mans life for Sylvia since she does not really do all that killing business. I seduced the man and went to dinner and put special injections into his food to make him start feeling weird and have weird side effects that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Side note: this guy was not in either of our characters stories, I just used the basics of both of our characters to come up with something that could relate to both characters.

I made this invoice by going onto Word and finding a template for invoices. From there I edited the information at the top right to make it my characters and then I just input the details in the invoice to finish it off.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.39.42 PM

How about some Noir D&D?

The radio show that I listened to this week was on Tuesday night and it was called Noir D&D. I am not going to lie to you I had no idea that it was a game until halfway through the show, I did not get the concept and or might have missed that small detail in the beginning. I thought it was very helpful to have the character introductions and their introduction for the show was very good in general. The soft music they had playing behind the introduction fit perfectly because it did not over power anything. There was points throughout the show when they were very quiet and that was with my volume all the way up and then there were points when it was fine. I did get very lost throughout the show but once I figured out that it was a game show everything started to make sense and it was not that confusing to me anymore. The fact that they were having so much fun during their show and just acting so normal made the show that much more enjoyable to listen too because their laughter and happiness was contagious. :D I found it really cool that they took a different perspective and made their show a game show, it was a different approach and I liked their idea behind it. Their commercial placement throughout the show was done very well, they seemed so natural and not just randomly placed they fit in with the breaks and just kept the show going at a normal feel. The only downfall I could say that this show had was the lack of sound effects, there were so many parts throughout the game that could have been enhanced by the usage of sound effects but without them they just did not have that same feel even though we knew what was happening. Honestly, other than the use of sound effects I think this show was done very well and put together good. Props to the group who made this show :)

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.49.03 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.48.41 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 6.47.48 PM

Storrrrrrrrry timeeeeeeee.

For this assignment you had to use Google Maps to create a story and for this I not only used Kendall Parker’s character to work with I also worked on this assignment with Kendall. We did our story basing the backgrounds of both of our characters and it made it pretty easy since our characters are related and that we used them in our radio show. The plot to this story map we made was that my character( Margaret) is dead and her granddaughter( Julia) is going to visit her grave but really she is going as a cover up for her second profession. She was really sent there to kill a man hired by his wife but visiting all of my character’s locations (grave, home, work place) is the perfect coverup when she comes back to Chicago with a painting done by her grandmother Margaret. To do this project we obviously used Google Maps but we had to pin the location and then draw a line from that place to the next. For the main pinned location we described what was there and for each of the lines we explained what happened or was going to happen at the next location. We did add photos for most of the locations to go with the story. I hope you guys enjoy our story and pictures :) Story Map



ken n iP.S. Don’t Kendall and I just look so studious in the Convergence Center ;)