Daily Creates

For this week I chose to do the Daily creates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The daily create on Friday was to make a family tree and upload it onto Flickr. I made my family tree on a website off of google and started to make it I got all the way through my cousins on my dads side and my mothers but then when I went to view the whole thing it was way to big and I could only show my dads side. This create was fun to me because I love my family and being able to do an activity for them was interesting and I never realized how many relatives I really had.

Fam(ily) Tree

For the Daily create on Saturday it was to video tape yourself playing a video game on the Internet arcade and upload your video onto youtube. I played the game Mouse Hunt and at first it was very confusing to get down but once I started playing the game it was actually very fun to do and I did not want to stop.

Lastly, the daily create on Sunday was to take a picture of yourself making using food as jewelry and upload your photo to flickr. For this assignment I used Lifesaver gummies and made a ring. I used Lifesavers because one they are easy to make a ring and two who does not want to eat candy.


I really enjoyed doing all three of these daily creates this week, cant wait to do more next week!

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