Week 3 Completed!

I am happy to announce that my week 3 assignments are completed and I am one happy cookie. The daily creates took me a little bit longer to start this week because I did not like them. But I did the one from Thursday which was to show silence in a movie; Free Throw in style! I did the one on Friday that was to show yourself making a paper sculpture; Paper Sailboat. Lastly, for my daily create I did the one on Saturday which was to write instructions for an everyday item and I did mine on eating a bowl of cereal. I updated my blog to add menus onto my sidebar and then I changed my profile layout again and added a background to my screen. I started my week by doing my Visual Assignments because I actually enjoy doing them the most. I went onto the website and browsed through the pages to find other assignments to do other than the mandatory one for our character. I did the Post It notes assignment which was 3 stars and I based it on my character which helped go towards my 5 stars for the week. Next I found an assignment to make a collage of pictures from A to Z based on the same theme or category. I did mine based on animals because I love animals and I was able to put most of my favorite animals into one collage. I finished my visual assignments with the What’s in your Bag assignment designated to our character, which I had a lot of fun with because I could put things in there that would go along with her story in the future and stuff that she already had. My noir photo safari was a lot more fun to do then I expected, once I figured out what things I was going to base my photos on I enjoyed going to find and take the photos, plus the help of my friends made it easier to accomplish. I really enjoyed watching the movies this week, I did not think I would enjoy them at first but once I started watching them I got into them. I really enjoyed watching “Killer’s Kiss” and “The Hitch-hiker” because I got to really witness the noir themes and key features described in the readings in the films. I liked finding scenes that went along with the elements plus it was fun learning how to screen shot on my mac (sorry I am so far behind the short cuts on a computer) HA. Lastly, I did my analysis on my own photography, and let me add that I never realized how many selfies and group photos I have on my phone/ computer until I really went through and looked. I am really planning on adding new techniques and styles when I take photos because really cool photos could be developed. The readings and videos were very insightful to everyday life and plus it gave me background on some techniques for noir style photography.

I was very iffy about this week when I first looked at what was needed to do but I generally enjoyed everything that was needed to be done this week. I am looking forward to the next week to start so I can see what is in store!

Week One Summary

The first week I have learned a good amount of new ways to use multiple social media sites. I have never had a Flickr or SoundCloud before but setting them up and getting use to them was quite easy. I had to get a YouTube account and I am not big on posting videos but I can get use to that! Trying to get use to how to embed videos and photos to WordPress was difficult at first but I think I got it down!

My impression of Noir is that it is a very dark and mysterious. It leaves you with a suspenseful feeling and makes you want to keep watching. My example of noir is Pulp Fiction, with its suspense scenes and violent crimes it brings out the dark and mysterious feeling.


PFI am exited to see where the rest of the semester takes me and I am looking forward to #ds106!

Week 2 Summary! Writing and Noir

This week I found the assignments to be rather interesting! I enjoyed doing the Daily Creates because they were creative and fun to do. Once i got started on reading the stories for noir they were actually quite interesting and I became drawn in and didn’t want them to end, it was cool seeing all the different styles of noir in writing and how each author portrays it in their stories. I read The Postman Aways Rings Twice, The Shadow , The Killers and Debris and I did my alternative ending to The Killers. I really enjoyed making my Character Dossier and put a lot of thought into her and her style. Her name is Margaret Pinault aka Black Widow. Doing the writing assignments was not that bad it was just trying to figure out how to make some about my character kind of tricky but once I figured that out it all became easier to do. I did the Best Assignment, Post from the Past, and Thankful for writing topics. The daily creates I did this week were the Cat with a synthesizer in Space, Yodeling and Eye Selfie, all three of them were quick, easy and fun to participate in. Lastly, I enjoyed working and messing around with my blog, I changed the theme, updated my about me section and added a quote. I have also commented on some fellow classmates post and it was cool and interesting to see everyone’s ideas and takes on the different things we did this week! I also got a good amount of comments on my stuff telling me that people like them or think its a good idea or writing so that was nice to receive as well!

I can not wait to see what is in store in the future in the upcoming week!

My items from this week are below:

Daily Creates:  https://soundcloud.com/brianne-comden/yodeling



Alternative Ending: http://briannecomden34.com/uncategorized/the-killers-alternative-ending/

Character Dossier: http://briannecomden34.com/uncategorized/margaret-pinault