We are back at it!

Well if you thought you could get rid of us that easy you were sadly mistaken, The maNOIRpulators are back at it! We have decided to get together again after the last occurrence that we had at Edie’s Bar. Edie Waz, Sylvia Stone, and Julia James and I figured ds106 would not be the same if we did not join forces once again. Cant not wait to join the agency :)



Nighttime Noir

For this week I listened to a show on Wednesday night called ” NOIR at night “. ┬áThe introduction at the beginning of the show was very helpful to give us a background on what was going to be happening in the rest of the show.I really enjoyed their idea and take on the radio show, I liked that they took their opinions of the “top” 5 noir movies. They made it feel like I was watching the movie and involved in what was going on with each film without even having a tv near me! I liked how they described the movie they were going to play, explain who was in it and then let scenes from each movie play to give you that feel and sense of noir in them. They had really good commercials and they were well done and listening to them I wanted to buy or do whatever they were talking about. The sound effects with the commercials were very well done too and went perfectly with the product. They did have some good sound effects to go with their transition into the scenes and good background music playing when they were explaining the next movie. They had a really different style then most thatI have listened too but I really enjoyed this take and I think it was great! Shout out to the group that produced this radio show :)Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.29.10 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.29.53 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.29.28 PM



For this assignment this week I kept my phone with me and I took photos and were in photos that involved four of the ten components. I found Color, Balance, Proportion and Unity.

In this first photo I took with my friend I didn’t even realize how perfect it was for the design challenge. But then I looked at the poster and I found that it had great Balance, the way she designed it the words are split on top and on bottom and while they are not even in letters they both take up the same amount of space making it look even. Plus she also used the same number of #34 on both sides of the poster.


In this photo I found proportion in the sign at The UPS Store. Its saying that you can save money by getting a mailbox but the amount saved is bigger than the general statement showing the more important part of the sign plus it draws your eyes to the amount being saved rather than what you are saving on.


In this photo I found unity but I did it in a different perspective and found the word Unity. This sign is in our locker room and those are all of the components of our team that make up Unity so I thought it fit for the challenge.


In this photo I took out of it Color. In most of this photo you can take out blue and grey throughout the photo showing you the color pattern of this photo. This was not planned and I had no idea that we were both wearing the same colors until after the photo was taken. The blue and grey stand out drawing you to that color aspect.


Audio Storytelling

Touch of Evil Opening Shot vs Touch of Evil Opening (No-restored version) :

The music in Touch of Evil Opening Shot has more of a happy tone to it. It makes you feel like what is about to come is going to be good or happy. You get that sense of the city with the police whistles, chatter among people, goats walking across the street and the music playing along the street. You do not get that noise from the explosion because it was cut off. This version gives you the impression of delight and excitement when that is not the case at all

In the Touch of Evil Opening ( No-restored version) it is a more dark type of music giving you that sense of something bad is going to happen from the beginning. It has a more mysterious and drama filled beat to it and much faster than the first version. Everything just seems to be going with the noise and is a much faster pace for the people and goats walking across the street. You do not hear the cops whistles as much or the conversations of the people, it is very serious feeling. The noise from the explosion was louder, the screams and sirens helps put into perspective of sadness and makes you aware of what just happened.

While reading and watching the selected items for this week I learned a lot about audio in film and most importantly noir. Audio in films to me just meant the noise that went with the actions. While audio plays a big part in noir, it has a much bigger meaning and role in films. A specific scene can be changed by the music playing in the background or lack there of. It conveys the mood, feeling and setting for that scene. You rarely see a scene in a movie or video that has music or noise that does not go with the specific setting, it just does not work.

Audio in noir expresses mood and shows how they use ambient space to convey “soundscape”. You would not get the same feeling of someone being chased down an alley if it was playing happy music as you do if the music playing was more dark and suspenseful. Pace is a big part of sound in noir films. The slower or faster the pace can determine what is trying to go on in that scene; like if someone was trying to run after someone the pace would probably be faster than if someone was trying to sneak up on another person to scare them which would be more slow. City scenes tend to have a more of a dark mysterious background noise from all the crime, gang, mobster, gambling and female dancers that could be in the scene.

I looked up an example of audio in scenes and how they change with different music: Here is a video of how different type of music can change the way this scene is viewed

Another way to look at audio in noir was by listening to DS106 Radio and being apart of the live twitter feed. I participated in the talk on Thursday night which consisted of The Killer’s and Moon Graffiti. You could really hear the different music and noises used for the different scenes and action going on in that scene. When there was gun shots in the scene the music was tense and you knew what was about to happen plus the gun shots were very loud. The music would begin to get very loud when a scene was going to end. Suspenseful music would begin to play when something dramatic or intense was going to happen. Basically, what I gathered from listening to DS106 Radio was the same as the reading and videos for this week, which was that audio plays a key part in the film plus can depict what is going to happen or change how something is viewed.

I enjoyed watching and reading this weeks material because it gave me an insight on how big of a role audio is in film and most importantly noir. Just like most of the other elements we have looked at up to this week, noir would not be the same without this feature in the films.


Margaret’s handbag goodies!

In Margaret’s handbag you can find her everyday essentials, you will find:

  • blSunglasses
  • Eye drops
  • Knife
  • Compacted mirror
  • Black gloves
  • Red lipstick
  • Pepper spray

Margaret has these items in her purse for many reasons. She always carries her sunglasses in her purse because then she covers her eyes when she looks at men to figure out who will be her next target, plus they look good on her ;). Her eye drops are in the bag not for the main reason you think, she uses them as a way to poison people but since she has that sweet and innocent attitude they never expect her to put them in their drinks when they are not around or looking. She carries a knife in her purse but not a normal folding knife or hunting knife but a kitchen knife, for the fact that she does not know when she will kill her next man but she is always prepared no matter where she is, plus it is not her kitchen knife so it will not be tied back to her. She has her compacted mirror well only because what female doesn’t need a mirror in their purse. Her red lipstick is a nice touch every once and awhile and it looks good to put on when she spots her new target. She needs her black gloves because they are her favorite possession and she wears them with every outfit, they are perfect when she has to go to a funeral too… Lastly, in her purse is her pepper spray, what person would think a lady like her would use pepper spray for any reason but for protection, thats right everyone but little did they know she uses it for other reasons.

As I mentioned before all of these items play a specific part in her life and some of them you have not seen used yet so stay tuned…

Noir in cinema


When comparing the readings from Week 2 and the movies in Week 3 they are both easy to determine but you are able to pick out the elements in movies. You can really see the dim lighting, smoking, unusual camera angles, and venetian blind elements that are talked about so much in the readings. The two movies that I decided to watch were “Killer’s Kiss” and ” The Hitch-hiker” which while made around the same time have different story lines. Both movies have the same type of aspects and you can tell when you start watching them that they are noir movies, with the crime and dark scenes. You definitely get that emphasize of shadows in these movies making them perfect examples of noir.

The movie The Hitch-Hiker is a good movie to find multiple noir elements. I found a few of them throughout the movie along with the normal noir features. This movie is about a guy that as killed people and he runs into two guys and he kidnaps them and makes them drive him where ever he wants to go. There are multiple times that both men face opportunities where they both could have escaped but one would not leave the other. The guy holding them hostage puts them both through times where they could have been killed but he realized that he needed them both to go anywhere. This movie has a good amount of unusual camera angles shown like the one pictured below and a large amount of the movie is in dim lighting and shown at night which is a big part of noir film. This movie is not something I would watch in my free time but it was good for the noir category.
Hitch hiker 2Noir element: Unusual camera angle

Hitch hiker 3Noir element: Dim lighting

The movie Killer’s Kiss is a perfect example of noir film. It has that dark and suspenseful feeling throughout the whole movie. The setting of the movie is in the city of New York and a lot of the scenes are in an alleyway or in dark shadow filled rooms. This movie has many different angles which is a key element in noir movies plus the fact that you rarely see it shot in the daytime giving it that dramatic feeling. This movie has the classic features of noir with murder, crime, police, female presence, smoking, lighting, and shadows. This movie has a plot of a boxer, a mob boss, and a female taxi dancer, and the boxer saves the taxi driver from the mob boss assaulting her but it does not make things good for them the rest of the movie. The boxer and taxi dancer fall in love and plan to leave together and go to Seattle but the mob boss kidnaps her and he must go save her. This movie is suspenseful but took awhile to get going. This movie is not my style of movie but I enjoyed it for the noir aspect and letting me become more familiar with noir cinema.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.04.15 AMNoir element: Smoking cloud

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 1.17.29 PMNoir element: Dim lighting

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 10.57.42 AMNoir element: Unusual camera angle and dim lighting

Noir Photo Safari!

This is my noir themed photo safari for the week! I took 5 individual photos but the themes I found were: Angled camera, NoirCat, one-sided lighting, drama or moodiness, and grittiness of a built environment.

1) Angled camera



2) Moodiness



3) Lighting on one side


4) NoirCat


5) Grittiness



In this assignment I had the help of some friends that were willing to take photos with me or let me take photos of them. In the first photo I am with my friend Amy outside and my friend bee took the photo at an angle. In the second photo it is my friends Amy and MK and MK is happy and smiling and then Amy is making a face from being irritated. The third photo is of the outdoors, it is the sun coming through the tree and reflecting light on the right side of the photo. My fourth photo is of my cat and it was perfect that he is black and looks kinda spooky in the photo. Lastly, this photo is of the grittiness on the ceiling in a dorm on campus.

This assignment kind of stumped me at first but once I thought about it for awhile I was able to come up with some ideas and accomplish the task!