Dory is really inspirational :)

For this assignment I was inspired by Amanda Layton’s Dory & Me. This was very creative and challenging and it inspired me because it showed me that you can accomplish anything you put your mind too no matter how many stars they are worth ;) This was done very well and I could tell the different parts of the conversation. I love the movie Finding Nemo so it just helps to relate to an assignment when you do it to something you like! I thought she did a great job!Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.41.35 PM

Inspiration 3

I was inspired by Kendall Parker’s “I Can Follow a Chili Nachos Recipe Haiku, Can You?“. I really really love nachos and when I found this on her page I fell in love. This post was so far and long ago on her page that I had to do some serious stalking to find it but I am so glad that I did because it was so inspiring. This post really inspired me to not only read the haiku but it made me want to make nachos. Plus, the haiku was really well done so and it gave step by step how to make them! I was so hungry when I found this and it made my cravings for nachos so much more needed!

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Inspored or Inspired?

I really liked the assignment “Where Is The Error?” by I really enjoyed this assignment because I love doing these brain puzzles with my family. It really made me think about all the races I do with my family to see who can complete these the fastest. The way she created this assignment was very creative and I enjoyed trying to find the error!

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Inspired donut edition

I was inspired by Tiffany Yowell’s (  “I DONUT” assignment. The creation of this valentines card was very inspirational because not only do I like the idea of love and I LOVE donuts. You can’t go wrong with heart shaped donuts for a valentines card. I liked her way of tying two awesome things in life into one design. The pun she used on her card put it all together and made this so much better!

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Space in film

In the movie “The Big Lebowski” it was easy to see how this movie related to the noir theme and the city of Los Angeles’ environment. This film depicts the 1990s perfectly. One thing noticeable throughout the movie is the sense of being dirty. The mans apartment is nasty and dirty with things laying around the place and scratched up wallpaper. You get that feel of noir just being in the place.

The amount of space shown in the movie also depicts that sense of noir or shall I say the lack of space in the city. All of the buildings were close and all of the houses were small in size but all similar. You could get that view of noir elements depicted in the streets with the night lights and the bright signs flashing and shown at night giving you that dark but city feeling. One thing I did notice about the highways was that they had no lights on them making them dark and kind of spooky to be on at night.

I could definitely see how space plays a big role in giving you that noir sense in the cities. You could see the limited space as I stated above in the buildings but also on the side roads and dark alleys throughout the city landscape. With more space being taken up you get more shadows and dark scenes shown in the movie giving you that noir effect.

Space and the city environment gives you that feeling of noir and that was shown very well in the movie I watched. I can now get more of a taste for how different movies will use space and the city environment to show noir elements. I really enjoyed watching this movie and seeing all of these elements.

Well hello Vignelli!

I enjoyed reading The Vignelli Canon this week. I gave a lot of good information on different designs and all the important styles and techniques that go a long with all the work. It helped me better understand all the thought process and planning that should go into a persons design or the lack there of. He broke his writing up into three sections: The Introduction, the Intangibles and the Tangibles. Each section has specific items and techniques that go with them breaking them up to give you that background information on each part.

In the Introduction he is just explaining what is going to be talked about in the rest of the article and what people need to know to get a better understanding on the typography used in Graphic Design. He gives some helpful tips throughout the article for beginning designers on how to do certain techniques and broaden their skills in design. He also talks about how he explains and describes some of the times when he learned something new in typography from his mentor or a fellow colleague, which is the basis of this article to see his type of creativity and expand the knowledge a designer has for themselves to begin with.

In Part one the Intangibles, he talks about 12 key points, but only 3 are most important to him. Semantics, Pragmatics and Syntactics, are the 3 most important aspects in Design to him. Semantics is the search of the meaning of the upcoming design, must find the meaning of the design to find the right path to approach the creation. Semantics become an essential part of the designers being and without semantics a design will come out meaningless or shallow. The most important thing to remember about semantics is that you should design something that is not too meaningless but has a reason to be something. Syntactics are another important aspect to Vignelli. He says that syntactics in design are provided by many components in the project. How the project comes along and is done depends on the syntactical elements. Thirdly, the last important key to design is pragmatics. Which is dealing with the context of the design. It is important to put thought and effort into the project you are working on, no one wants something that has little effort put into it.

While reading this article I have found that most of the things he talks about makes perfect sense and while some of them aren’t put into much use now sense we use the computer for everything the thought there works. I agree with his three main ideas and I think all three of them are important to have in design to get the best results.

Radio Thoughts

The assignment was to come up with an idea or ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show, here are some ideas that I have come up with so far:

  •  A love scandal, A female with one man but she starts to be sneaky and develop feelings for another man but that doesn’t go the way she thought


  • A mafia related show: violence, crime, drugs, and gangs. What more could you ask for in one show!?

I know I do not have much details for these idea yet but one could only guess how much could come from both of these ideas, plus they are always subject to change. This is just a starting point so much could become from both of these idea, plus it will be easier to get more out of them with the help of others!