MaNOIRpulators are not done yet…

I know we made the show but actually listening too it on the DS106radio made it sound that much better! I was nervous at the thought of everyone hearing it because of the fear that no one would like it because you know everyone has that fear that they might think it is bad. Of course, the show started with some glitches and it was overlapping and quite frankly making us upset because it was not running the right way and people were getting annoyed and thought our show was suppose to sound that way and it was not! Once it started playing the correct way the nerves went down because people were saying nothing but positive things about our show. Everyone liked our sound effects and the commercials which were some things we were kind of nervous about but once people started saying how good they were we got really happy and excited. It was nice seeing our professors comment on our show and mention the things we were doing well and how they enjoyed the things going on in our show. If we were able to do anything differently I would just hope for more time to actually work with the people in our group, we were never all able to work together but some of us here and there and most of it was done individually. I can not say that it was hurtful to the group that we did not all get together because we got it done and it turned out great but it just would have been nice to get together once with all four of us. My favorite part of this project was probably doing the recording and watching it all come together. While I did not have a huge speaking part in the show (since my character was dead) I enjoyed getting the sound effects and helping plan the show. The hardest part about this show was probably getting all of the show planned out and figuring out when and what people have to record an then putting it all together ( S/O to Kendall Parker for putting it all together). For future DS106 students doing this show, get together with your group as often as possible and make sure you have a good way to combine all of the people into the show. It is very beneficial for the group if you all have an idea going into the planning and then you can start faster. Overall, this project was fun and I enjoyed doing it with my group!

And that’s a wrap.

This week had a lot more involvement than week 1 of the radio show. I had a lot of fun working with Aubrey Howland, Kendall Parker, and Amanda Layton. This week was basically doing all the hard stuff and putting it all together, while in week 1 we developed our group and background information, we had to write and process it all. We met on Wednesday to put together the dialogue and find the sounds needed for the story, while it was not fully written because we kept trying to find the right direction to go we texted and worked together to add new things and finalize what was going to happen. Friday everything was final and recordings were started, the real fun began. We all had busy schedules and could not find a day to all meet together so we had to do the recordings separately and then send them to Kendall to put it all together. The whole thing was finished Sunday morning when it was all put together and we got the commercials and bumpers to make the time. This project was really a lot of fun and I enjoyed working on it, I usually hate group projects because it is always left to one person doing all the work (or maybe thats just my luck?) but everyone pitched in and did their task.

Don’t want to keep you waiting anymore, so here is the final product. ENJOY!

Radio Show

For the Radio Show, I am in a group with Aubrey Howland, Kendall Parker and Amanda Layton. We have come up with the group name The maNOIRpulators and it was a very cool name and goes great with the story line we have created. We never got to actually meet this week but we stayed in contact the whole week through texting and while it might have helped to actually meet texting was very efficient and did not seem to delay any of our thoughts or process to get the ideas flowing for the show.

We made it so each of our character’s somehow were related or connected to one another. My character is the oldest of the 4 being born in the 1920s and is the grandma to Aubrey’s character and Kendall’s character. Amanda’s character is the friend of Kendall’s character and all three of them are based on present day. My character is involved because she is brought into flashbacks as well as giving advice to all three of the girls when they are in need. This becomes very chaotic when all three girls realize they are all at the bar to seduce the same man and it only goes on from there.

We have a lot of interesting and cool ways to keep this story going and it is going to be so much fun to start putting it all together in the upcoming weeks. I can not wait to get this thing officially up and running!

Stay tuned The maNOIRpulators will be back !

maNOIRpulators poster

For the group design I decided to make a poster to represent my character’s role, The Grandmother. She is the grandmother to two of the characters who our cousins in our show and she gives advice to all three of the girls on the story. For this I got a silhouette of a grandmother sitting in a chair with thought bubbles over her head with the word maNOIRpulators on the bottom of the poster. I did my design this way because it relates back to my part in the story and it shows her role in the show.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 7.11.12 PM

For this assignment I used Powerpoint to make this poster. I pasted the picture of the grandmother and then used the shape button and went to thought bubbles and pasted it above the grandmothers head. Lastly, I used WordArt to write out our group name “maNOIRpulators” in red to make it standout against the rest of the black of the poster.