Daily Creates

For this week I chose to do the Daily creates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The daily create on Friday was to make a family tree and upload it onto Flickr. I made my family tree on a website off of google and started to make it I got all the way through my cousins on my dads side and my mothers but then when I went to view the whole thing it was way to big and I could only show my dads side. This create was fun to me because I love my family and being able to do an activity for them was interesting and I never realized how many relatives I really had.

Fam(ily) Tree

For the Daily create on Saturday it was to video tape yourself playing a video game on the Internet arcade and upload your video onto youtube. I played the game Mouse Hunt and at first it was very confusing to get down but once I started playing the game it was actually very fun to do and I did not want to stop.

Lastly, the daily create on Sunday was to take a picture of yourself making using food as jewelry and upload your photo to flickr. For this assignment I used Lifesaver gummies and made a ring. I used Lifesavers because one they are easy to make a ring and two who does not want to eat candy.


I really enjoyed doing all three of these daily creates this week, cant wait to do more next week!

Daily Creates for Week 4!

For week 4 I did the daily creates from Thursday and Saturday!

Thursday was to Meme this photo of a dog with something funny or creative. I wrote what I did because I always find memes like this to be funny and of course it stood out more because he looks so sad and upset that he does not blend in with the grass.


Saturday was International Dot Day and I enjoyed this one because it gave me an excuse to add basketball into my daily create!