Noir Photo Safari!

This is my noir themed photo safari for the week! I took 5 individual photos but the themes I found were: Angled camera, NoirCat, one-sided lighting, drama or moodiness, and grittiness of a built environment.

1) Angled camera



2) Moodiness



3) Lighting on one side


4) NoirCat


5) Grittiness



In this assignment I had the help of some friends that were willing to take photos with me or let me take photos of them. In the first photo I am with my friend Amy outside and my friend bee took the photo at an angle. In the second photo it is my friends Amy and MK and MK is happy and smiling and then Amy is making a face from being irritated. The third photo is of the outdoors, it is the sun coming through the tree and reflecting light on the right side of the photo. My fourth photo is of my cat and it was perfect that he is black and looks kinda spooky in the photo. Lastly, this photo is of the grittiness on the ceiling in a dorm on campus.

This assignment kind of stumped me at first but once I thought about it for awhile I was able to come up with some ideas and accomplish the task!

Post It- Margaret Style

To do list -MP


I did the Post It Visual Assignment for my character Margaret Pinualt and her husband Mathieu. On the Pink sticky note is something that Mathieu came up with when they got married since they were both so successful and its just a reminder they have in their kitchen. The Green sticky note is Mathieu’s saying on his business card, so he has it hanging up in the mostly every room of the house. The Purple sticky note is Margaret’s motto in life. The Yellow post it is her grocery list and if you look carefully those are all the ingredients used in killing Mathieu.(Sneaky Sneaky) Lastly, the blue post it is her to do list for the day and if you notice it is the same things she does on the day she planned to kill her husband.┬áThe setting of these post its are at their house, the to do list and grocery list are based on the day she killed her husband but made it look like any other day by throwing in picking up her dress and cleaning the house, also getting the wine because that way her husband knows there is a special occasion but does not know it is for his own death.

I did my Post-Its on Paint for Macbook because that worked best and I just drew the squares then colored them in with a specific color. I used all those things on my post it notes that were part of facts and information given in other assignments based on my character. I couldn’t add much more because that information hasn’t ben given yet!

Photo Collage- Animal Style

Here is my A to Z photo collage Visual Assignment! I choose to make mine with animals! I made it with animals because I knew I would get to put my favorite animals on the collage. While it was hard to think of animals for the lower end of the alphabet I was able to find some that worked. A unique animal on my collage would have to be my U animal, that is an Umbrellabird because the top of its head looks like an umbrella. One thing I thought about while finding the animals to use was that I would use animals that started with that specific letter not animals of the breed; for example with the letter D I did Dog instead of Doberman which is a type of dog.