Don’t get bit

I created which was to make a bumper sign. I figured I would do this assignment because I had a catchy phrase that went with our group and I wanted to use it! I used our colors of black and red and then our black widow picture and put it in the bottom right corner. I can not wait to see this sticker on peoples cars ;)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.23.49 PM

I made this bumper sticker on Paintbrush. I used the line tool and drew a black line through the center and then I inserted the picture of the black widow. Once I got that positioned I wrote the words and I used black and red and I did the words in red because its what you need to do or something bad could happen, hence why I put them on different sides of the line.

Lets drive somewhere.

I did the assignment which was to create a license plate that described a character or group. What better group to make a plate for than the Black Widow Agency. I made our plate say WIDOWS because we are the widows and it would look great on one of our cars;). I created this by using and then I added in the background, which I got off google by searching nightscapes. Once I got the photo and placed it onto the plate I choose the word “WIDOWS” and then placed that onto the plate. I picked the state Pennsylvania because that is where the agency is located and the maNOIRpulators like to spend our time! I choose blue for the state because it stood out against the background and then white for the word because it went perfect with the background.

I hope you guys enjoy our lovely license plate…and if you don’t, well you don’t want to know what could happen to you ;)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 8.45.18 PM


For this assignment I had to make a Pinterest account using my character and pin 20 post that go to my character. For this I used my character and Amanda Layton’s character Sylvia Stone and pinned 10 post for both our characters. This was not that hard to find things for my character but I had to kind of think of things to do for Sylvia until I reread her blog post about her character and it made it so much easier with her sections of interests and information. I found things from what they wear to their jobs or activities outside of work. I really enjoyed doing this assignment because I got to look up different things on Pinterest and do it with someone else’s character gave me that challenge that I was ready to take on. I hope you guys enjoy the pins :)   Pinterest 

Heres a little invoice for ya

For this design assignment I had to create an invoice for someone else and I decided to do mine using Amanda Layton’s character Sylvia Stone. I based it off my character helping ruin a mans life for Sylvia since she does not really do all that killing business. I seduced the man and went to dinner and put special injections into his food to make him start feeling weird and have weird side effects that will stay with him for the rest of his life. Side note: this guy was not in either of our characters stories, I just used the basics of both of our characters to come up with something that could relate to both characters.

I made this invoice by going onto Word and finding a template for invoices. From there I edited the information at the top right to make it my characters and then I just input the details in the invoice to finish it off.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 7.39.42 PM

Storrrrrrrrry timeeeeeeee.

For this assignment you had to use Google Maps to create a story and for this I not only used Kendall Parker’s character to work with I also worked on this assignment with Kendall. We did our story basing the backgrounds of both of our characters and it made it pretty easy since our characters are related and that we used them in our radio show. The plot to this story map we made was that my character( Margaret) is dead and her granddaughter( Julia) is going to visit her grave but really she is going as a cover up for her second profession. She was really sent there to kill a man hired by his wife but visiting all of my character’s locations (grave, home, work place) is the perfect coverup when she comes back to Chicago with a painting done by her grandmother Margaret. To do this project we obviously used Google Maps but we had to pin the location and then draw a line from that place to the next. For the main pinned location we described what was there and for each of the lines we explained what happened or was going to happen at the next location. We did add photos for most of the locations to go with the story. I hope you guys enjoy our story and pictures :) Story Map



ken n iP.S. Don’t Kendall and I just look so studious in the Convergence Center ;)

Pop Quiz Granddaughter and Grandma edition!

For this assignment I made a quiz pertaining to the lives of my character and Kendall Parker’s character Julia James, who happens to be my granddaughter! I have 10 questions on the quiz 5 for each of the character’s lives which should be simple relating to our stories. I created my quiz on a website called which allowed me to create a free account and create my quiz. I was able to come up with the questions by looking at Kendall’s blog post and reading about her character plus I knew some of the information from doing the radio show together. If you want to take my quiz and see if you know our characters here you go: Julia and Margaret Quiz

This was actually kind of fun to do because I enjoyed doing a post with my granddaughter ;)

Here is the link to this assignment in the design section:

4 pictures/ 1 story – 2.5 stars



For this assignment I had to use four photos that tell one story. For this I did it based on Margaret, I used some symbols that have been mentioned before and some that have not been mentioned but that you could use to possibly make a story with. I did this process by using Paintbrush and looking up images on google. I am not going to give my story away but I think from the information that I have given in previous assignments you could figure out where this is going. the symbols are: money, diamonds, knife and black lipsticks.4 pics: 1 story

I really enjoyed this assignment because I could give you more things that could go along with my character plus it was fun to do.


ID Card – 2 stars

For this assignment I had to make some type of ID for a character and what better way than to relate it back to Margaret herself. For this assignment I could do a library card or license but I chose to make her work badge. I decided to make her work badge because it goes along with the business card I made and now you are starting to get her ties with the gallery. I made this ID by using Photoshop and it was quite tricky at first but I think it came out pretty good for my first attempt. I used the same woman from the assignment I did a few weeks ago to keep the same aspect. Hope you enjoy my ID card. :) (It would not upload to my blog so I uploaded it to Flickr and I am tagging it on here from there. ) Sorry for the inconvenience.



Business Card – 2 stars

For this assignment I had to make a business card and I dedicated it to my noir character Margaret Pinualt. I made her business card for her job at her husbands paint gallery. This was perfect because now you can get a little more background on her job and her positions at the gallery. I made this card by using photoshop and taking a business card template then just filling in the necessary information to give you enough information about Margaret.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.05.28 PM

The Ultimate Merger – 4.5 stars

AT&T and T-Mobile

For this assignment you had to take two companies and merge their logos together. I did AT&T and T-Mobile for this assignment and I decided to do them because you would never expect these two companies to actually join together. They are both cellular competitors and it is very unrealistic that they merge. I do like the design with their two logos together! I did this assignment by looking up the AT&T logo on google, then copying it onto Paintbrush for Mac then I looked up the T- Mobile logo and copied it underneath the AT&T logo and there you go you now have your new logo! :)

T-mobile: AT&T