For this Audio Assignment I did Reverse Audio Quiz which is 2.5 stars. I had to pick a song that I liked and reverse it then give you three hints so you can try and figure it out.

Here is my track and here are my three hints to see if you can try and figure it out:

1)The Artist is on The Voice

2)It came out in 2014

3)It was on the Kia Soul Hamster commercial

I really enjoyed this assignment, I did it by importing the track onto Audacity. After I imported the track I went to Edit and hit select then select all and then go to effects and hit reverse. I never realized it would be that simple to reverse a song but there you go!

This song sounds really cool reverse so I hope that you guys listen too and can figure out what song it is! :)

2 thoughts on “Slamina!”

  1. Ahhh! She beat me to it!
    Anyways, good job, I did this post too haha it was a fun one. I like how you made the title the name “Animals” in reverse!

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