Photo Collage- Animal Style

Here is my A to Z photo collage Visual Assignment! I choose to make mine with animals! I made it with animals because I knew I would get to put my favorite animals on the collage. While it was hard to think of animals for the lower end of the alphabet I was able to find some that worked. A unique animal on my collage would have to be my U animal, that is an Umbrellabird because the top of its head looks like an umbrella. One thing I thought about while finding the animals to use was that I would use animals that started with that specific letter not animals of the breed; for example with the letter D I did Dog instead of Doberman which is a type of dog.


One thought on “Photo Collage- Animal Style”

  1. It’s a nice collage, but I’d really like to hear the thoughts behind it and the process that went into it. What’s the U-bird? I would have gone with a unicorn, just because I can’t think of anything else off hand.

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