On the case…

So our agency was given a new case and it was no surprise that it had to do with Noircat. We came in contact with Maggie Black who filed a Missing Cat Report with our agency, the cats name is Meowdred Pierce. It was very mysterious to us when we realized that she not only left Maggie, but was no longer seen in anything online relating to her. Groom is very certain that his own dog Daphne has something to do with her disappearance but we are not

too certain. My partners have come up with a “Lost” poster and a cork board that is hanging up in our office with the evidence we have and the suspects we think could be behind this. So far, we only have a few suspects who could be behind this and they are Daphne, Groom, and Maggie. I was not one to jump the gun and blame Groom for this or even consider him but my granddaughter thought he was a little mysterious so we added him to our list. We did find a chewed up ransom note:Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.20.46 PMThis is about all the evidence that our agency has found so far but we have only just begun. Stay tuned to see how this investigation of the missing Noircat plays out and how BWA will come to a conclusion ;)

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