Lucky me

For this assignment Where do you want to go? I would love to and have dreamed about going to Ireland. I just did a bucket list for my friends Inter Varsity activity and my first thing was to travel the world and most importantly go to Ireland first! I am Irish and most of my family from my dads side were born there and just knowing that much makes me want to go and visit so much more. Not only would it be awesome to go to Ireland to learn about my family it is BEAUTIFUL! When I was doing this assignment and looked up photos of this place I fell in love even more than I already was, I knew it was pretty but this place is breathtaking.

For this project I first went onto Google to look up the photos to use for the video, and then I went onto Youtube to find music that fit with my location. Once I got those items; 8 photos and one song, I had to find a website to make my video and put it all together. I found a website called Stupeflix Video and then I put it all together so I hope you enjoy :)

Here is my video: IRELAND


2 thoughts on “Lucky me”

  1. I love all the views you put in the Ireland video! They’re all so pretty. Let me know if you need a travel buddy :)

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