Let’s take things slow

For this audio assignment I did “Make it 800% slower” for 3 stars. The song used in the example was U Smile by Justin Bieber and it was done so beautifully. I can not make any promises that mine was done anywhere near as nicely as that. I did the song The Scientist by Coldplay because it is one of my favorite songs and it was already kind of slow so it wouldn’t be that much harder to make it slower… so I thought.

I imported the song onto Audacity and then went to Edit then clicked Select and then hit All and then went to Effects and clicked Change Speed. Once that menu popped up it had a bar at the bottom and it started at the center and I dragged it to the left and did it about 5 or 6 times until it was really slow and basically all the way to the left of the bar and then I had to change the Pitch so it no longer sounded like a very spooky man singing a song at a horribly slow pace. I had to do the same thing as listed above until I got back to the Effects menu and instead of hitting Change Speed I hit Change Pitch. This was very hard to master because I either went way to high and he sounded like a screaming chipmunk or it was not far enough, but I think I got close enough to make it sound normal for the speed of the song.

I hope you enjoyed my slooooooow moooooootion version of this song!

2 thoughts on “Let’s take things slow”

  1. This is crazy how this turned out. I cant even explain what it sounds like. It would be great background music. I did this assignment as well but didnt slow it down as much. Good job!

  2. This sounds really good! The example of “U Smile” that they gave was so good and sets the bar really high, but you did really well with this. I know it takes a lot of patience to do this assignment and I applaud you for sticking with it.

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