Pop Quiz Granddaughter and Grandma edition!

For this assignment I made a quiz pertaining to the lives of my character and Kendall Parker’s character Julia James, who happens to be my granddaughter! I have 10 questions on the quiz 5 for each of the character’s lives which should be simple relating to our stories. I created my quiz on a website called onlinequizcreator.com which allowed me to create a free account and create my quiz. I was able to come up with the questions by looking at Kendall’s blog post and reading about her character plus I knew some of the information from doing the radio show together. If you want to take my quiz and see if you know our characters here you go: Julia and Margaret Quiz

This was actually kind of fun to do because I enjoyed doing a post with my granddaughter ;)

Here is the link to this assignment in the design section: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/pop-quiz/

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