Cat update

Some process has been made on our investigation since the last update on Wednesday April 8. The last time we checked in we had only the ransom note and just created our suspect board. Well since then we have gotten interviews with Groom’s dog, Daphne and after Julia found a box on the tv stand that had a microchip in it from Meowdreds tracking device which was surprising to be off unless the suspect knew that it was there to begin with,  We then took to the streets because Sylvia had a hunch that she might have known where she might be. We went down Williams Street and that was when Sylvia spotted the tag from her collar but there was no collar until we kept going down the street and then the collar was found, the stitching on the collar that said “If lost return to Maggie Black” had Maggie Black scratched through. Those items were found in front of a sketchy building and that was where we left off for the day. That is all the information that we have gathered for the investigation but we are still looking. Here is the suspect board with the new evidence we have found, thanks to Julia for keeping this updated.


Screen-Shot-2015-04-12-at-10.27.12-AM-1024x690If anyone has seen or came in contact with Meowdred please let any of us know, it would help us a lot with any information big or small! We will not stop until we get to the bottom of this and figure out what happened to her and get her back to Maggie!


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  1. I really love how you organize the evidences and your thought on the the board. It’s simple and easy to see. Good job!

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