Mash up Chris Brown edition

For one of my Audio Assignments I decided to do the “So and So’s Greatest Hits” which was to find one of your favorite artists/ bands and make a mash up of at least 5 of their songs.


For this assignment I did mine based on Chris Brown, I chose him because he has always been one of my favorite artists. I love his music, I never seem to listen to one of his songs and hate it. The five songs that I picked were:

  1. Run It
  2. Yo Excuse Me Miss
  3. New Flame
  4. Don’t Wake Me Up
  5. Don’t Judge Me

It took me a very very very long time to figure out how to combine these songs on Audacity. I can not lie using it for the first time was pretty challenging so this took me a lot longer than I thought it would to complete. I picked these songs because not only are they some of my favorite songs by Chris Brown but they are songs that I know most people would know and or heard of. I tried to pick songs throughout his start and current music making process to give more of a mix to it. I was not very successful with creating that nice smooth transition from song to song so sorry about the random skipping and unexpected jump from song to song. I was very scared when I went to upload this bad boy to SoundCloud because tight away I was notified that it could not be published due to Copy Right issues and I would have to go through some long process to get it approved to be on there. So, I just made it an MP3 and uploaded it to my blog (hope that is not an issue :o )

Hope you enjoy my mash up as much as I do :)


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