3rd check in ready!

Since my last check in on Wednesday we have gotten very close to finding Meowdred Pierce! While we were on William Street we found the tag and collar but what we did not realize was where they were leading us. We were lead to a very sketchy abandon building, we figured out that Noircat was there previously in the day but had been gone for a few hours by then. We were given a heads up to check out the “Cat’s Closet” done on Caroline Street. When we got there we had an interview with one of the other cats in the building and as we were concluding there was a noise in the back of the store. As we all ran to figure out what it was we just got a glimpse of Noircat escaping through the cat door that leads outside. Edie was amazingly able to capture a picture of him leaving, I guess I can say my photography skills have paid off;).

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.58.14 PMAs we ran outside after her all we found were a trail of what I found out are called “Soft Paws” which you use to cover their claws… anyway we found 10 of them and once we were unable to unscramble the letters they spelled out “Don’t Find Me.” All of us were shocked and did not know what to think at this point, did someone take her and leave those behind, is she in a lot of danger, are we putting our lives in danger by trying to figure out what is really going on… but then we remembered that this is our job and we wont stop until we get an answer, no matter the outcome.

Julia has updated the Suspect Board so if you guys have anymore information please let us know! I will keep you guys updated as we make progress!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.58.26 PM

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