End of the week and end of our case

Well its great to say that we have started and concluded our investigation with the missing Noircat. This week we started getting more hints and finding more clues to lead us to Meowdred Pierce and get down to the bottom of what happened to her. At the beginning of the week we were giving a hint form an anonymous email to travel to “Cat’s Closet” down on Caroline Street, where we just missed Meowdred leaving the back. Once we ran out after her we found her “soft paws” leaving a trail that spelled out “DON’T FIND ME”, we got worried at first but then we decided to follow them and that is when we found her at a house in Downtown Fredericksburg. She was very freaked out and Julia found her next to a window where after a few minutes she conducted an interview with her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luYWPLZjrL4. As you can tell from the interview that Noircat framed her own kidnapping with the help of Daphne, she was tired of being objectified and used by the DS106 community that she just needed to get away from it all and Maggie Black. After the interview we had to meet and figure out what to do with her, and we concluded that we pick her up as a client and help her which meant we had to drop Maggie as our client. Once we picked her up we knew she needed to get somewhere far away, so we sent her to Japan to start a new life. Julia had a friend that makes “Pussports” so we got our new client a Pussport and a new identification. She has all of our information and will be able to reach any of us if she needs anything or has a problem.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 9.30.47 PM

These last two weeks have been great working together with the agency, I can not wait to see what task we are given next. I am glad that we were able to get to the bottom of this case and get the answers we wanted. Good to know that nothing serious happened to Meowdred. This week has been very eventful! If you want to look at our final suspect board and see our progress here you go :

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 9.30.30 PM

Grandma out!


3rd check in ready!

Since my last check in on Wednesday we have gotten very close to finding Meowdred Pierce! While we were on William Street we found the tag and collar but what we did not realize was where they were leading us. We were lead to a very sketchy abandon building, we figured out that Noircat was there previously in the day but had been gone for a few hours by then. We were given a heads up to check out the “Cat’s Closet” done on Caroline Street. When we got there we had an interview with one of the other cats in the building and as we were concluding there was a noise in the back of the store. As we all ran to figure out what it was we just got a glimpse of Noircat escaping through the cat door that leads outside. Edie was amazingly able to capture a picture of him leaving, I guess I can say my photography skills have paid off;).

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.58.14 PMAs we ran outside after her all we found were a trail of what I found out are called “Soft Paws” which you use to cover their claws… anyway we found 10 of them and once we were unable to unscramble the letters they spelled out “Don’t Find Me.” All of us were shocked and did not know what to think at this point, did someone take her and leave those behind, is she in a lot of danger, are we putting our lives in danger by trying to figure out what is really going on… but then we remembered that this is our job and we wont stop until we get an answer, no matter the outcome.

Julia has updated the Suspect Board so if you guys have anymore information please let us know! I will keep you guys updated as we make progress!

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Week 12 is a wrap…

This week was very productive and a great start to the beginning of our investigation. The Black Widow Agency was given the task to find and figure out what happened/ who catnapped Maggie Black’s cat, Meowdred Pierce. The gang started with the basics and went from there finding clues and evidence that went along with her disappearance. we have made some really good progress on our case as the week has gone on. It was great getting together with the team and going out into the field to try and figure this out. If you have any information or want to look at what we have come up with to try and help you can find it here: http://blackwidow.kendallparker.com/blog/

Can not wait until we figure this out and can let everyone know what happened to Meowdred Pierce!

Cat update

Some process has been made on our investigation since the last update on Wednesday April 8. The last time we checked in we had only the ransom note and just created our suspect board. Well since then we have gotten interviews with Groom’s dog, Daphne and after Julia found a box on the tv stand that had a microchip in it from Meowdreds tracking device which was surprising to be off unless the suspect knew that it was there to begin with,  We then took to the streets because Sylvia had a hunch that she might have known where she might be. We went down Williams Street and that was when Sylvia spotted the tag from her collar but there was no collar until we kept going down the street and then the collar was found, the stitching on the collar that said “If lost return to Maggie Black” had Maggie Black scratched through. Those items were found in front of a sketchy building and that was where we left off for the day. That is all the information that we have gathered for the investigation but we are still looking. Here is the suspect board with the new evidence we have found, thanks to Julia for keeping this updated.


Screen-Shot-2015-04-12-at-10.27.12-AM-1024x690If anyone has seen or came in contact with Meowdred please let any of us know, it would help us a lot with any information big or small! We will not stop until we get to the bottom of this and figure out what happened to her and get her back to Maggie!


On the case…

So our agency was given a new case and it was no surprise that it had to do with Noircat. We came in contact with Maggie Black who filed a Missing Cat Report with our agency, the cats name is Meowdred Pierce. It was very mysterious to us when we realized that she not only left Maggie, but was no longer seen in anything online relating to her. Groom is very certain that his own dog Daphne has something to do with her disappearance but we are not

too certain. My partners have come up with a “Lost” poster and a cork board that is hanging up in our office with the evidence we have and the suspects we think could be behind this. So far, we only have a few suspects who could be behind this and they are Daphne, Groom, and Maggie. I was not one to jump the gun and blame Groom for this or even consider him but my granddaughter thought he was a little mysterious so we added him to our list. We did find a chewed up ransom note:Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.20.46 PMThis is about all the evidence that our agency has found so far but we have only just begun. Stay tuned to see how this investigation of the missing Noircat plays out and how BWA will come to a conclusion ;)

Beginning of the best thing

For this assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/how-it-all-began/ I added the history and beginning of the Black Widow Agency and added it to the History section of our website : http://blackwidow.kendallparker.com/history/. You can find how we were really created if you could not guess from the maNOIRpulators which was actually what got it started. Thankfully, I had some background in owning a business and knowing how to run one or… well you know what you can just read how we started on our website ;)

11 is better than 7

For week 11 it was quite fun getting the website for our agency and the assignment stars plus the daily creates and of course commenting on 10 posts. The week started with the creation of our website which you can access at Black Widow Agency. I did four assignments this week I did 2 for Web assignments and 2 for Media. The ones that I did were Bumper Sticker, License Plate, Beginning, and Personality Quiz. I did the two daily creates on Wednesday which was a birthday picture for Black and the one on Sunday which was a picture with an umbrella. And the ten posts that I commented on were 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10). I can not wait to see what is in store for the upcoming week and how the agency will start to kick off.

Don’t get bit

I created  http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/bumper-sticker/ which was to make a bumper sign. I figured I would do this assignment because I had a catchy phrase that went with our group and I wanted to use it! I used our colors of black and red and then our black widow picture and put it in the bottom right corner. I can not wait to see this sticker on peoples cars ;)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.23.49 PM

I made this bumper sticker on Paintbrush. I used the line tool and drew a black line through the center and then I inserted the picture of the black widow. Once I got that positioned I wrote the words and I used black and red and I did the words in red because its what you need to do or something bad could happen, hence why I put them on different sides of the line.

Who are you like?

I did the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/buzzfeed-personality-quiz/ because I thought it would be interesting to see what character of our agency you got. Who do you really think you are or do you know most? It shouldn’t take you long to accomplish this short quiz and see which one of us mysterious four women you could be  similar too ;). 

I did this on buzzfeed.com and then I went to Personality Quiz and created it on there. I made 6 questions and had three or four answers for each question to go with each member of our group. Once I thought of all the questions I went through and added pictures for each answer and question to give you a visual of them. Once I had all the questions and answers with pictures I saved and published it. If you want to take our quiz go ahead and click the link at the bottom, you won’t regret it! :) I mean who does not want to know which member of the Black Widow Agency you are most likely like.

Personality Quiz

Lets drive somewhere.

I did the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/design-a-license-plate/ which was to create a license plate that described a character or group. What better group to make a plate for than the Black Widow Agency. I made our plate say WIDOWS because we are the widows and it would look great on one of our cars;). I created this by using buildasign.com and then I added in the background, which I got off google by searching nightscapes. Once I got the photo and placed it onto the plate I choose the word “WIDOWS” and then placed that onto the plate. I picked the state Pennsylvania because that is where the agency is located and the maNOIRpulators like to spend our time! I choose blue for the state because it stood out against the background and then white for the word because it went perfect with the background.

I hope you guys enjoy our lovely license plate…and if you don’t, well you don’t want to know what could happen to you ;)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 8.45.18 PM